Big Brother: Who Made the Final Four?

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The Big Brother 13 field is down to four.

Heading into last night's rare Wednesday eviction episode, only HoH Rachel had secured her spot in the final quartet. With the veto up for grabs and many twists possible, the other three spots were open.

Until Adam stepped up and won the thing. Despite Kalia's pleas, you knew the ultimate Big Brother fanboy was not going to turn his back on Rachel and Jordan. It came down to a (strangely) 1-1 vote and ...

Kalia got the boot. Then Adam turned around and won HoH too!

How did that come about, and what will he do? For a full rundown on every night's events on the CBS reality hit, mundane and (relatively) critical, follow the link for THG's comprehensive Big Brother coverage!

Adam Poch on Big Brother

Has Adam been setting this up all along with genius moves? No, but he's still sitting pretty.

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Adam should not backdoor Rachel but that is what he is going to do because he know he can't beat her and that is wrong. Shirley is right because porches and adam has had a final two the who time rachel get screw again and that is wrong. big brother needs to go off the air for good


If adam send rachel home he deserve to lse because he has been lying all along. since procher won veto jodarn needs to go home. but I think adam will backdoor rachel and that make me sick and I hope every bad thaing that can happen to him and procher does.

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