Charlie's Angels Series Premiere Review: A Criminal Remake

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I want to like Charlie's Angels. I really do. I was a little too young to catch the original when it aired, but I did watch it in reruns growing up. It was campy, silly, fun. Gorgeous women kicking butt and solving mysteries. How can you go wrong with that?  Well...

This new version has some fatal flaws. In "Angel with a Broken Wing," we meet the new Angels and I'm turned off before we've even begun. Not by the actresses. They're all beautiful but by the characters.

The original Angels were police officers who, given the sexism of the time, were given menial jobs such as glorified secretary and meter maid. Seeing no opportunity to do real police work, they left and went to work as private detectives for Charlie Townsend.

Eve vs. Abby

But, as that scenario will no longer play in modern times, these new Angels are criminals - and I have a real problem with that. Abby's the bored rich girl turned cat burglar, Eve was an orphan turned car thief, and Kate is the worst of all, a dirty cop. Because I consider dirty cops the lowest of the low, I'm finding it hard to get past that one. I'm hoping we'll get some back story soon to give us the reasons behind her disgraceful past.

So far, Eve is the most appealing. Played by the gorgeous and likable Minka Kelly, at least she had the hard knocks life of an orphan to explain her path to thievery. I'm thankful for that because Kelly is hard not to like.

Bosley has certainly gotten a complete make over. He's no longer the balding, overweight uncle type looking after Charlie's girls. Now they've made him this hot stud and I feel as though the character would be more interesting if he were gay. Just my opinion.

Unfortunately, even Bosley has a criminal past. He's a high tech guru and hacker who hates the term. He stole millions from peoples' tax returns one penny at a time. Smart? Yes, but as with everyone else in this remake, it certainly calls his character into question.

Most of the team seems to be here because working for Charlie Townsend is a better option than going to prison. It breeds a particular loyalty to their boss but it isn't as commendable as the premise of the original.

Let's move on to the plot. Is it great? No. It's fluff. I did think it was cute that the human trafficker was stabbed with a wooden angel. During the party scene, our Angels masquerade as servers in red sequined devil costumes. And Abby should substitute for Spiderman on his days off given the way she climbs a building.

I wished they had taken more time assimilating Eve into this crew. They trust her much too quickly and the moment Charlie says she's part of the team she's completely accepted. If they'd made her acceptance a little more difficult I think it could have been more entertaining.

The best scene took place near the end when Bosley tried to convince Eve to work as an Angel. It was the most real moment of the show and the first scene where I actually felt something for these characters. Second best was when Eve took down our villain with a spinning Corvette.  I'll admit, that was kind of cool.

The worst scene: the Angels' reaction to Gloria's murder. Abby's crying made me cringe and Bosley barely moved. The car bomb just didn't pack the emotional punch it should have.

There's lots of girl power here and I'm all for that. That's half the reason why I watch most anything Joss Whedon ever does. Of course, the other half is that his writing is in a whole other league than anything you'll see here. And for all of the Angel high kicks and martial arts moves, none of it left me satisfied.

I'm torn because I want to like this remake. Yes, it is cheesy and predictable, but so was the original and I have fond memories. Unfortunately, I just don't have the love for these characters and I'm not feeling enough of the fun. Maybe that will come with time. We'll see. We'll hope.


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OH my it was really bad.. sadly I also deleted the recording and watched something else.


agree with writer.. i really WANT to like it... but so far.. not a big fan.


I deleted the dvr recording 30 min into the show, bad writing , acting , directing filmography.. The original show was not that great when you subtracted the raging hormones of 13 yr olds and and their fathers who watched back in late 70s and the show was pushing the edge of tv porn for the time... the same things that made the show popular in decades gone (pretty sexy risk'a lens flirtation) by is no longer valid the distraction of sexiness no longer blinds those to what was bad in the original series transcends into the new series remake... only with the current rules of tv that permit far more risky things then in the past and the exposure to internet for all. In short the show is as bad now as it truly was then when ya subtract the male hormone equation lol


I was hoping that they would do a good job with this show. I really did. I was bored and annoyed enough I was ready to change the channel 17 minutes in. All I could think was that someones very rich father had given one of his kids a camera and said here Jr. go make a tv series and that Jr went out and got all his hot friends together and remade something he saw on nick at night but with a more modern twist. It was childishly written. It was childishly acted. None of these characters were mature enough to be an Angel. In the old series as well as the movies the Angels were believable, mature (mostly) and had personalities I was interested in investing more time in getting to know. If this show lasts 4 episodes before being yanked I'll be surprised.


i completely agree with you rikia i loved it too. the least i would give it is a 4/5
i'm sticking to this show!


i love the show.. i actually enjoy the characters and their back story should be interesting. i don't understand why everyone is hell bent on hating this show ,every review i see there is some sort of criticism smh. maybe because its remake i don't know. i like it and hope it stays on for a long time!

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