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Never do with a gun what you can do with a pho


They have an entire wall for anonymous stars at Langley for people like me.


How about you return our friend and we won't burn down everything you own?


Samantha: The CIA would call this an acceptable loss.
Bosley: We're not the CIA. No loss is acceptable.

Never thought I'd be this pissed off in a room full of shoes.


Nothing that a shiatsu and a pomegranate martini couldn't fix.


The next time you go shopping for vans in Cuba, give me a call.


Samantha: What are you doing in Cuba, Jon?
Bosley: I like mojitos and rumba music.

Last time she broke a big story she broke you along with it.


Guys, don't tell me. We uncovered a cartel of evil florists.


A girls got to have some secrets.


Eve: Ever hear of just being good.
Roman: I make it a daily practice.

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Charlie's Angels Quotes

Abby: He's single, he's straight, and he has a life plan.
Gloria: Mixing Mojitos?

One fashion emergency is enough for tonight.

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