Community to Pump Up Jeff/Annie Romance on Season 3

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Community news this summer has been dominated by incredible casting tidbits - Michael Kenneth Williams as a professor, John Goodman as a nemesis for the Dean - but here's an exciting storyline nugget regarding season three:

Jannie will take center stage.

Community Season 3 Premiere Poto
Playing Paintball

“There’s definitely more Jeff/Annie chemistry this year than ever before,” Alison Brie told TV Line during a set visit. “In seasons past, [Community] has really made the audience wait for a moment between the two, but this year we address it right away.”

Might these two have hooked up over the summer? Brie says the first few episodes hint at that possibility, as the characters are "very upfront with each other about their sexual tension."

Teases Joel McHale: “The relationship between Jeff and Annie will definitely be pumped up.”

Community returns with new, hilarious episodes on September 22.


Love jeff and annie together


They have a nicer relationship and a hotter chemistry than Britta/ Jeff. Also, I am getting sick of rewatching (obsessivly) all the old Jeff/ Annie moments. Bring on the new! Why do people think that a 13 year age difference matters. The only reason I wouldn't agree with such a difference is, if you really loved someone, you wouldn'd spend as much time with them as you would normally. T.S Eliot's beloved second wife was over 20 years his junior, she said, "my only regret is he died too soon".


If Annie were really played by a 20-year-old, this would be kind of gross. But Alison Brie doesn't look that young. Well, during the first season, she definitely didn't look 18. I wonder how this dynamic will play out. I'd rather see Jeff with Brita.




YES!!! Love Jeff & Annie together!!!


omg!!! cant wait!!

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It's called a Complisult. Part compliment, part insult. He invented them. I coined the term. See what I just did there? That was an explainabrag.