Extended 90210 Promo: Zip It

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The CW has released an extended promo for season four of 90210, which kicks off this Tuesday night. In the following video, viewers can watch...

  • Naomi get arrested, and also flirt with Justin Deeley's Austin.
  • Liam propose to Annie.
  • Teddy contemplate coming out to his parents.
  • Navid and Silver deal with the ramifications of the former's sister residing with them.

Check out the trailer now, visit TV Fanatic for a detailed 90210 review soon after the premiere airs and read this post if you want to know who might be getting married...

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In the scene where we see Adrianna in her room, she is with someone with a gray suit! could that be the imaginary Javier? does she still see him?? :O


I agree with Michaela. Annie and Liam are done. Completely done. They need to do something different with those characters. I honestly don't know why I still watch. Guess its Naomi.


oh god! cant they kill off Annie already?! or at the very least get her away from Liam?!


Liam proposes to Annie????? But we already know that they break up, so she must have said no :((((((( this is not cool bro


So glad there is an extended promo! So much more to look forward to! FOUR MORE DAYS! :D


just 4 more days! and 90210 goes on! i like it! in all of this spoilers we got! no one even mentioned Ivy! i really like ivy and the Raj storyline is nice done, but i hope we get more of her than just black widow!.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.