Gossip Girl Episode Preview: It Gets Weirder ...

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Last night's Gossip Girl season premiere ended with a major shocker, one that will be in the forefront of our minds when the expecting Blair Waldorf meets her visiting future sister-in-law and her ulterior motives.

The CW's promo for next Monday hits at major drama on that and other fronts.

On next week's episode, "Beauty and the Feast," Nate reconnects with Diana, Serena forces Charlie to decide which world she wants to embrace, and Dan seeks Chuck’s help to stop the publication of his book.

He soon discovers, though, that it's Chuck who needs help. From the looks of the Canadian promo below, he's taking this new attitude on life to dangerous levels. How long before he hits the point of no return?

Watch these promos - plus an extended one from the CW - below and comment:

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Some people need to read TWOP recap, pages 21 to 23, where the recaper talks about how ilogic is to deal the theme of abuse through a TV show, which trivializes the matter and is borderline offensive to real life victims. Instead of crying OUTRAGE! for fictional characters on a TV show, these people would be more useful by joining a group or organization against abuse in real life.


Am I the only person that hates Chair, what with Chuck being abusive to her and even selling her to his uncle. That pairing needs to die.


How can anybody be worried about Chuck, he's fictional character!?!? Start living your lives, and watch Gossip Girl for fun. I know how i would like to see stories evolving, but i will not stop watching if the pairing i like won't end up together. It's just a tv show. Reality is what matters...


love chuck it hurts to see him like this blair please help him.


chuck's found another way to be self-punishing. still twisted but a bit "manlier" than alcohol and drugs, no? its like he's challenging life and death and enjoying pain instead of numbing himself to it. he might have let blair go but he's clearly not over her. i don't think he will get in touch with her when he gets back to new york, i think he will truly let her get on with her life until some gossip-girlish situation will force him to face her (and his feelinds) again. i agree with other dan fans that despite his pining for blair, they just don't fit as a couple. there's no way they slept together, their kiss was a lot before 6 weeks ago. the baby-timing is all pointing to chuck otherwise what would be the point of the storyline? there's so much history with chuck and balir that a dan baby would just be too random. i think dan will eventually get close to chuck AND blair as individuals (id particularly like a chuck-dan friendship) and realize that they both still love each other. and then he'll be the driving force that will bring them back together. louis? what a non-character! to be honest im surprised blair seems to be satisfied with him (they spent all summer in bed? yuk!) because we all know that she has a kinky side and i simply cannot imagine him being sexy AT ALL! he's completely under his mother's thumb -and lets not forget his sister is on her way too- and if he's already not backing blair up ("i will be youw wock", really?), how will he be supporting her in the next few weeks or months? and lastly... blair.. she's obviously lost her blairness for the moment, i don't know if its the pregnancy or not having any friends around her (i felt so sorry for her when she mentioned that to dan) but she seems very vulnerable and weak and indecisive. blair of last season would've immediately stepped up and taken care of the baby 'threat' to her career-woman-future. and what happened to her career drive anyway? im not sure how i feel about the baby storyline. i really don't see her becoming a mother but at the same time, i don't want her to lose it -whether by choice or not- and go through all that anguish.. still believe in chair endgame.
oh, and the other storylines? MEH... still hate charlie, nate is still whoring himself out, serena is still a pretty blonde babe... same old, same old...


com'n pipol.... DAIR has no romantic chemistry at all,though their friendship chemistry is undeniable and the connection they have is strong..light,nice and sort of refreshing... but let's face it CHAIR has history..they've faced through good times and bad times, they have chemistry through and through that whenever they touched,it sends chills to your bone. And they are EPIC.


Am I the only one that actually likes the Chuck Fight Club stuff? So far I prefer it to Bass Industries/Thorpe era Chuck. in the premiere he was more of his s1/s2 self and not some Man Men extra they made him into during s4. I actually enjoyed everything in the premiere BUT Blair who is usually my favorite character. The Prince is so, so boring!! Agh could not care less- I want more interaction with the whole cast! Not lame characters who will be gone in like 6 episodes.


Chuck's throwing a tantrum. Wow, I feel sorry for him...absolutely! If he wants to b a kamikaze pilot in his own life let him.


OK. I am a really really big fan of Penn and Leighton. I think they look cute together .. and I'd love to see some future for Dair. And so I was thinking about this pregnancy thing... Blair and Chuck do it at the Bar Mitzvah and they show us the preggers' test in the same episode right? Ain't that too quick for the baby to be Chuck's? It makes more sense just time wise that Dan and Blair made love on the night they kissed and the baby is Dan's. I'm not even counting Louis into the equation as someone pointed out, that would just be too simple/straightfwd in GG world.


I am both a Dair fan and a Chair fan. While I hope that Chair will be endgame, I definitely would love to see a relationship happen with Dan first. I also doubt Blair is really pregnant or if she is she'll have a baby. I would love for this storyline to happen but you know there will be a catch. I also hope it's not Louis's baby if she is pregnant. I mean technically couldn't either man be the father?

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