Gossip Girl Producer Previews "Yes, Then Zero"

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In keeping with the tradition they began last season, the producers of Gossip Girl have released a special episode preview video sharing the key story arcs, with clips and insight, from upcoming episodes.

If you've followed the news and Gossip Girl spoilers all summer, you have a general idea what's going on next Monday at 9 p.m. when the show returns for its fifth season, but this is still a fun preview.

We see Serena in L.A., where she's visited by Chuck and Nate (who in turn meets Diana Payne). We see Blair in NYC, and overwhelmed. We also see Dan react to what Vanessa did, which is interesting.

Watch the two-minute teaser below and leave a comment with your thoughts:

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This looks kind of boring but I'll probably still tune in because I'm addicated. lol


@ Uncle Jackass: good analysis!

Uncle jackass

Correction to myself: No spoiler about Dan spinning Blair in an either positive or negative light. Therefore, inconclusive. I guess I will just have to wait. After extensive research (5 mins) here is the origin of that "speculation": 1.) Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 22 "Wrong Goodby," Vanessa's parting words were: "There's a certain someone that might actually like the way shes been painted and I'm not talking about Serena" 2.) Forums discussed about who was the possible source of "positive light" of Dan's book since Year 9 (tv guide forum). 3.) Discussion boards in poptimal.com/ and spoiler guide and talking-gossip.com were con-censusing that Dan's book painted Blair in positive light. 4.) Here we are...


I think its really Blair who is pregnant but my guess is they made another person pregnant too just for to hype up.They will reveal Blair's pregnancy on the upcoming episode like in a shocking OMFG way.


@uncle jackass
there was never a spoiler saying dan will put blair in positive light in his book.

Uncle jackass

@Kendallf, Forwood & Chair (aka Jov), Ha... I can't tell if you're being serious or it is in jest? Original spoilers told us that Dan's book spins Blair as the only positive character in his story. The reason he does not want it to be released was due to his desire to no show his infatuation made public towards Blair. The promo pretty much confirms this with Dan and Rufus discussing why he needs to stop it being used to harm him. Also, am I the only one wanting to know how Chuck's going to "redeem himself" this season. Simply staying away from Blair seems a bad idea but paradoxically he tends to not grow up when always around her. I'm hoping for team Duck to stalk her (sarcasm)...


I agree, i think dan betrayed blair bad in the book and doesnt want it to get out.


This show has really jumped the shark


Not an exciting preview. I have a bad feeling about Blair's bridal story. I think she'll look foolish and crazy. Don't care about Ivy and I've never been a Dan fan so don't care about his book. I hope Serena's story is good because it's the only thing keeping me interested at the moment. I never thought I'd ever say something like that. Haha. I'm a Blair girl not a Serena girl.


Omg Dan is a creep. He prob has a piece of blair's hair in the book and sniffs it.

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