Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers: The New Serena, The Men of Blair Waldorf & More!

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The fifth season of Gossip Girl premieres September 26.

After a lackluster, up-and-down fourth season that felt lacking for direction at times, that date cannot come fast enough. Executive producer Josh Safran recently previewed the new season - one he promoises will be "lighter, poppier, and a lot more fun."

Some excerpts from his interview with TV Line:

Leighton on GG Set

On Blair's royal wedding, a decadent affair in the making: “There’s the shower. There’s the dress. There’s photos. There’s seating charts. There’s cake tasting.”

“Planning a wedding, even a non-royal one, can be a pain. They are definitely feeling those pains, and the joys, that come both as a couple and independently.”

On the new, focused, driven Serena: “Serena is lost no more. She has taken the job that was offered to her at the end of last season, and we see just exactly how that has panned out for her ... Serena’s goals come very clearly into focus.”

On Vanessa's goodbye present of publishing Dan’s book: "A season-long arc will propel Dan into a new world for which he may not be ready ... his maturation process is going to be sped up, because this is not a decision that he made for himself ... it is very much like a bullet from a gun that somebody else fired.”

On what it means for Dair: “It affects things very much.”

On Dair's connection progressing: “We knew from Season 1 that we were going to have a connection that was surprising to both of them, and was based on a shared emotional life. That storyline, in whatever form, is continuing.”

On the future of Chuck and Blair: “We have not abandoned Chuck and Blair stories by any stretch of the imagination. But that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be Chair or Dair or Lair or whatever nickname people want to give that.”

Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley

On Elizabeth Hurley's character: "Diana Payne will mean big things for Gossip Girl herself, as through her, the show will explore the role Gossip Girl plays in our world.”

"Business mogul Diana sees the potential in an untapped market of these young twentysomethings that she believes could be exploited better. She really takes it upon herself to avail herself of our cast and get them to come work for her.”

Which of these storylines are you most excited about? How do you see the events of the fifth season of Gossip Girl playing out? Tell us in the comments below!

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I'm going to die if chuck and blair don't get back together!! They are meant to be.. Dan and Blair are nice together, but not as great as chuck and blair. I hate the writers for the fact that they ruined chair. And are we ever going to hear who is gossip girl? The writers totally forgot about gossipgirl that really sucks..


I wouldn't mind seeing Serena and chuck "hook-upp" because it would cause Blair and her relationships with chuck and Serena to drastically change. By hook up i mean that they spend a desperate night together while being intoxicated.


I wouldn't mind seeing Serena and chuck "hook-upp" because it would cause Blair and her relationships with chuck and Serena change. By hook up i mean that they spend a desperate night together while being intoxicated.


WHAT?! I am so surprised there aren't many wanting Blair and Chuck. They stole my heart and I always crave more!


The only way that I will tune in this season is if there's a LOT of Dair and I mean in every episode not just a few. The rest of the characters bore me to tears especially nate and serena. I swear GG has gone down since ever since season 3 started and it might just be because I couldn't keep up with all the retarted story lines of boring business crap with chuck and affairs with any male adult figure Serena was having. The only good moves gossip girl has made in the last 2 seasons is get rid of Vanessa and Jenny both equally repulsive. I mean it is going to take a lot and I mean a lot to get Gossip Girl out of the grave it's slowly dug for themselves with these awful storylines. If it wasn't for Blair I would've stopped watching a long time ago. She's the only well constructed character and she actually made me like Dan Humphry which was quite the challenge after season 1. But I will say this I hope after gossip girl will come to a slow and painful closing,Leighton Meester will get another tv show to be on where she plays a character similar to Blair because she is fabulous and everyone else on the show can just go away.


Well, I don't think Serena and Chuck would make a power couple. That's more Blair and Chuck. I think this season will be great and i think Hugo Becker (Louis) is so cute. I think he's good for Blair. And i really really like Dan and Blair too, he really compliments her and brings out a different side of her personality and he's really cute. Chuck and Blair were great in the first two seasons but not anymore. I hate Vanessa. They should send her to wherever they sent Jenny. Jenny doesn't fit in and she's just an annoyance to watch because she ruins everything. They should also send Charlie away she's retarded. I liked Eric alot though. Serena is boring to watch most of the time, and yeah, as cute as Nate is, he's boring too. He and Blair were so cute i wouldn't mind them getting back together again. But he and his playboy ways are getting old. I hope this isn't the last season of GG though. But i don't think i'll be watching if Leighton isn't part of the cast. It would be so boring, i mean even Chuck is boring to watch without Blair. I love Nate, Blair, Serena, Dan and Chuck all together but they're all boring with Leighton and the show just wouldn't be the same without her. I liked Chuck and Blair but i hope to see her continuing her life with Louis, or Nate and Dan. Dan and Blair are so cute i can't get over it LOL


Dan and Serena are meant to be since the very first episode...not dan and blair. the writers are saying that hes always been in love with blair but from what i can remember hes always hated the way she treated serena...Serena and Dan have to end up together, they have amazing chemistry and shes his "princess". i think theyre perfect!


OMG!!! Dont tell me that Blair becoming 'les' in season 5...PLS!!! Either Chuck or Dan would be better than she became 'les'!!!


i do not know abt u guys and ladies in the hse but i think venessa is good for Dan not Serena and Blair. Dan is jux thick in the head and there is connections between them.


i'd love to see more Dan and Blair : ) defs looking forward for season 5!!!

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