Gossip Girl Season 5 Premiere Clip: Elizabeth Hurley Sighting!

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The latest rumor surrounding Elizabeth Hurley's character on Gossip Girl is that she will be manipulating characters we know. Big shocker right there. Her goal? To try to compete with Gossip Girl herself!

Just keep that in mind as you watch Diana Payne introduce herself to Nate Archibald - who's apparently doing some manipulation of his own, masquerading as someone very much not Nate Archibald.

Check out this new clip from next Monday's season premiere:

Yes is most definitely the word in L.A., where our beloved Chuck, Nate and Serena are reinventing themselves. Back home in NYC, there's the small matter of whether Blair is the one who's pregnant.

Here's the Canadian promo for "Yes, Then Zero," if you haven't seen it:

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Nate Archibald is one lucky bastard !! Elizabeth Hurley is one sexy beast... but then again chace is not doing bad himself... so in-conclusion it's win win situation for both of them .


egh this is a Private Tour! diana payne is a SUper BITCHY! love it!


diana payne character will be awesome this season!
hope she will stir up the drama so HARDCORE! charlie/ivy and Georgina sparks team up! what could be possible !
can't wait to see Diana Payne ! she is the best Schemer B*tch!


can't wait for dan and blair too. i just want the most interesting storyline of season 4 followed through

Uncle jackass

Believe me, considering Gossip Girl has been AWOL for 2 seasons it really isn't hard to knock her off her pedestal.


I hope the whole LA bit amounts to about 10 min max...
When Sex and the City went to LA I pressed fast forward.
Luckily 'the girls' couldn't wait to get back to NYC.
Can't wait for Dan and Blair :)

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