Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: What Are YOU Doing Here?

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Next week on Gossip Girl, we'll find out what Diana Payne is really up to.

Well, at least we know that it involves Nate, and that he's still totally clueless.

Elizabeth Hurley's character made contact with young Archibald (naked!) in Monday's premiere, "Yes, Then Zero." It looks like she's only going to try to get closer to him in the coming weeks.

What are her true intentions, and will he realize he's being played? Stay tuned.

Check out the clip from "Beauty and the Feast" and comment below ...

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"[She's] got [you] wrapped around [her] little fingers."


Nate is so adorable!
But doesn't Diana remind you gyus of Catherine? Btw, i hated Catherine sooo much but I actually like Diana as a character so far.


Nate is just sooo adorable beyond words!!


I agree, pty. I'm really starting to like Nate as a character, where I really didn't in season one and two. (Blair was right when she compared him to Hamlet back then, and he was just far too all over the place to really be sympathetic.) But since last season he's been growing on me with some of the great one-liners he comes out with, and the random comedic moments.


After reading this, I feel like I have the duty to defend Natie's honor: "I'm calling it. Nate has secretly been one of the best actors on this show the entire time. He is so f***ing funny when he's being funny. It's like watching a child actor before they stopped being able to act, if that makes sense. I mean, that's actually really offensive and it's not what I mean, but he's got this naturalistically charming way-of-being that, starting from last year, is occasionally one of the neatest things about this show. I bet he needs directing, but only because the character's always been written as way more conflicted than he actually wants to be played, I think. I know that Nate's always been the odd man out, as far as buzz and the way the show gets talked about, but when he gets to rock he really does. He's funny in an RJ Berger, Awkward., Paul Feig, Jan Oxenberg way, where the lines come slipping out so easily and naturally that you don't even realize how funny they are at first. It takes a confidence and a love of actors, I think, like a Norman Buckley -- or maybe a David Warren too, in this case, being the overall funniest episodes and the best Nate episodes I can think of offhand -- to bring it out. I guess the best way to say it is, the show treats him like a Matthew Settle when it should be treating him like Kelly Rutherford."


@ chair: I so agree with you, I wrote the same in the round table comments.


I disagree about the acting. I think he plays ditzy so well, I honestly dont think anyone else can pull that off. just my opinion.


nate.... there's a reason why natefused is an adjective and isnt good.
he's the perfect weak link to get inside this club, pretty,naive and horny.....


OMFG, Nate is such a naive dummy for being manipulated by evil cougar bitches like Diana and the Duchess from season 2, and by evil psycho bitches like Juliet Sharp and in this season by Charlie a.ka Ivy , who like Juliet seduces him and gain his trust ,in part of her evil plan to sabotage and destroy the Van der wood family and Serena herself, I hope he realize that is gona get played twice this year by a malicious cougar with bad intentions and psycho evil bitch who has diabolic agenda againts Serena and her Family. hope is not too late and the writer give him a not crazy and not evil permanente love interest that I hope is not Serena or Vanessa.

Ava mila

I just laughed my ass off.. Chace, you sexy motherfucker, please have a couple of acting lessons..You know, at the end of the day, it is your job.

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