Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair to Kiss Again?!

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Dan and Blair may very well kiss again this fall.

That's the rumor going around Gossip Girl circles, even if the circumstances surrounding it are far from clear. What does Michael Ausiello of TV Line have to say about it?

"I’m hearing rumblings about a second kiss early in the season," he writes, "I don’t know when it occurs or what the context is. But does it really matter? A kiss is still a kiss."

Agree? Disagree? Elated? Repulsed? Confused?

Sound off on this Dair development below.

Dair Sleeping Together

Dan and Blair? OMG, no. Just plain disgusting. They'd be better off as friends. CHAIR FOREVER. CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR. AAAAH, IF CHAIR ENDS I'LL JUST DIE


Dan and Blair would be an awkward yet refreshing couple to begin with. But the thing is, I don't thing none would mind if Dair happens in one or two episodes BUT the fact remains here, CHAIR has been there from the start and should be there till the end because they belong together and the chemistry between them is one of the best I've encountered even if it's just in a TV show. The only reason why things get rocky between CHAIR is because they want to make things interesting, didn't one of recall that 'what if without the games we'd be boring' They are just scared that they may come to an end without them and perhaps, they went a bit too far when Chuck sells her for his hotel. But actually, you guys don't get it do you? Chuck was planning so that he'd get both his hotel and Blair and the only way for that to happen is if he tricks Jack into believing that he would sell B. If you get me, then great. If you don't. Then please don't bother.


The way the show has been progressing, the Dan/Blair pairing makes the most sense. I enjoy every scene with those two together and it is the main reason I stuck with the show last season. Serena and Dan sadly never had any chemistry together and the Chuck/Blair relationship, though initially great, was definitely not healthy for either of them (and really lost its spark after he traded her for a hotel). I think it's always great for people to show character development over time and I feel like both Dan and Blair have brought out the best in each other. Hopefully the writers will not disappoint!


DAIR! Chair people ... are you really watching this show!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! DAN AND BLAIR WOULD BE PERFECT TOGETHER!!!!!!


now I can't wait for the Dair kissing scene in Gossip Girl. I think Dan and Blair are perfect for each other. I would love for them to be together.


Dair ftw! Can't wait for it. Chair fans I'm sorry, we dealt with Chuck and Blair's tortured romance for 4 seasons. Can we just have 5 mins without any complaints? Dan is good for her and it's a bit unorthodox but Dan and Blair's chemistry just works.


Chuck and Blair are meant to be stop it with this crap.


UGH. CHUCK AND BLAIR PEOPLE. Chuck and Blair are unbeatable together. They are magnetic, epic, truly a "great love". They must end up together in the end. A Louis/Blair/Chuck love triangle would make sense, however Dan and Blair... ugh. They make good friends. She's helped open his eyes to the fact that Serena always takes advantage of him and he's always at her beck and call, and now maybe they'll have a real shot together, because really, they've always sortof been in love (Dan and Serena I mean) Meanwhile, Chuck and Blair can get back together and actually STAY together. They are so in love it KILLS me. "What's meant to be will eventually find it's way" The prince is nice, but he's got nothing' on Chuck and Blair's relationship. Nor does Dan.


Repulsed! They are great as frenemies. Super-great, in fact. Please don't riun that!


I agree with @Leighton Fan! Dan and Blair have such great chemistry as friends, and I think that making them a couple would ruin that.

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