Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair to Kiss Again?!

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Dan and Blair may very well kiss again this fall.

That's the rumor going around Gossip Girl circles, even if the circumstances surrounding it are far from clear. What does Michael Ausiello of TV Line have to say about it?

"I’m hearing rumblings about a second kiss early in the season," he writes, "I don’t know when it occurs or what the context is. But does it really matter? A kiss is still a kiss."

Agree? Disagree? Elated? Repulsed? Confused?

Sound off on this Dair development below.

Dair Sleeping Together
Uncle jackass

I'm more interested in the language used here: "Agree? Disagree? Elated? Repulsed? Confused?" [Agree= Pro] [Disagree= Negative] [Elated= Relieved/Joyful= Passive] [Repulsed=Negative] [Confused=Passive] = 1 Pro, 2 Negatives, and 2 passive options.


Sweeet !!! DAIR !!! Lookin' foward to this episode :DDDDD


I love Dan and Blair together!! keep it going!


You need to check out the reports from TV line and other media about the first episode screening the producers did for a group of reporters this week. The producers pointed out in a round of Q&A that their main triangle would be Chuck/Blair/Louis and that Dan will add and take out alternatively from Chuck and Blair and that they didn't think (shouldn't they know for sure?) that Dair would be romantic.


I don't mind Dair but could go either way. Like others, i've tired of Chair: Too looong- feels like abuse from the writers. The yin yang quality of Dair is more interesting now, if developed properly. Would not mind Lair: Good photo ops. Blair and Dan could be real soul mates. It is one of life's ironies that we don't always marry our soul mates. Dramatic tension. Chair brought out sickness, Dair could be healing the positive, w/ understand on a different level. Later on, they might end up together. But then, i liked San. Or Danena. ? So i am just day dreaming. Thank you.


They kiss, the worlds ending. 'I won't watch'? You do realise that will do nothing but hurt the show you supposedly like. 'Shoved down your throats'. If there is anything being shoved down our throats it's the beyond awful, angst, BS that is Chuck/Blair. If you are so sure NOTHING will stop Chuck and Blair, an itty bitty kiss won't do it.


it will be their THIRD kiss. and if Blair is kissing Dan over chuck then HELL YES I MIGHT ACTUALLY TUNE IN FOR THIS SEASON. Chair has been on-off for four seasons - we are OVER this abuse. I actually like Louis but was horrified that Blair slept with Chuck AGAIN?! when she was meant to meant him at that charity thing. Chuck and Blair were good in s1-2 but now they just bring the worst in each other. PLEASE WRITERS - give us DAIR because they are FUNNY, SWEET, REAL AND PERFECT together. And another thing, why do you ppl hate Dan - Penn Badgely is not UGLY - HE IS HOT AND AWESOME! DID YOU NOT SEE EASY A?! PLUS the HUMPHREYS EAT WAFFLES! WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT WAFFLES?! Frankly if Dair does not happen I'll be writing their happily ever after in fanfiction. ;)


Ugh. Nooo. I love them as friends though.


Their banter has always been cute, but they just have no sexual chemistry at all. That kiss last season was absolutely cringe-worthy, it was so awkward. Personally, I'd rather see them stay friends.


I love them so much as friends. I worry about them being ruined. They are presh. Please don't ruin them writers. Let them stay friends please.

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