Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Sneak Peek: What Have I Done?

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A second sneak preview of the eighth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy features Derek in mid-surgery when he gets a troublesome phone call. Things in the OR quickly grow tense.

Desperate for answers - and to find his wife and baby - the normally composed Derek is left reeling, wondering what went wrong and what, if anything, he can do right now.

Meredith, meanwhile, is seen moving hurriedly with Zola, wondering what she has done ...

As we saw in the first sneak peek from "Free Fallin'," Meredith has been cut loose from Seattle Grace, at least for now. Might she be reacting hastily to that upsetting news?

Comments and theories on the September 22 Grey's Anatomy premiere are welcomed.

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I hope Meredith isn't kidnapping the baby from the social worker. That would definitely put a damper on the adoption. Meredith is much smarter than that and I'm sick of what the writers are doing to her character. Where's the smart, kickass surgeon Meredith we knew and fell in love with? Please return her to us especially if this is Ellen Pompeo's last season. As for Derek, he has a right to be angry but his holier than thou act has to go. His morals suck and he engages in gray, morally questionable behavior when it suits him. Just watch seasons one, two and four and you'll be reminded of the selfish, immoral Derek. I love him but I'm sick to death of his soap box. Not to mention that he broke his Post-It note vow when he walked away and choose not to come home. If he moves back in because of Zola, Meredith should make him stay on the couch. Doesn't Shonda Rhimes know babies don't save marriages? I hope that's not what Zola is meant to do this season.


Der just sounds like an angry husband who has just been given another reason to be mad with Mer. WOuldn't Mer have had to return her pager, and empty ouot her locker as she's been fired???? I think Mer taking Zola is a way to get her involved in the sink hole accident. It's just a bit wierd that a day care nursery would be so lax in not noticing when a parent takes their child out of the nursery's care


Mer must know by thesescenes she's been fired, maybe the others don't know yet. The daycare would have expected Zola to stay all day, but I would find it a bit wierd if Mer could just take Zola away without someone in charge of daycare not knowing about it. Oh but there again, this hospital has lax security measures in their lab depatments never changing security codes. LOL


Dear Sinkhole,
Please take mean, post-it marriage rule breaking Derek with you, and send McDreamy back. K? Thanks! Love, EmilieLovesMerDer

Gaby ee

I hope nothing wrong is happening to Zola! And I really want a MerDer reconciliation soon.


Agree with dexter idolizer the What did i do, what did i do could mean any number of things. Has the counsellor come to take zola back because she has found out about Mer/Der's fractured relationship atm. Yes he does have a right to be mad and does need to time to get over it but many fans just want them to move forward quickly. Now with Mer almost running down the back entrance hallway make's you think she has taken Zola from the daycare centre without anyone's knowledge and it's the daycare worker paging Derek constantly to see if he know's where they are. Think Mer will call him later to say where she is and they breakdown together when he finds them :-)


Derek's own rule from the post-it says: "No running. Nobody walks away no matter what happens." Did he break his own rule?


@ Rosali I agree with you. I dont understand why everyone is mad a Dereck. What she did was wrong and she needs to face the consequence of her actions. he had the right to be mad, she put in jeopardy his carrer. About the promo, What did I do? Well screw something up like you always do!


Ok, I'm so tired of everyone blaming Derek for everything. He has a right to be mad. She messed with the clinical trial. Of course he cares for Meredith and the baby, he didn't just stopped loving them. He's mad. Just give him time to get through it !


I read something that said zola's adoption counselor finds out merder are having problems,& she questions if she should let them adopt her. Maybe that's why she is saying what did I do. Idk but I hope der not being able to find mer & Zola means he will stop being a jerk to mer

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