Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Is Blair Pregnant?!

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Before the fairy tales come the obstacles.

With a new season of Gossip Girl one week away, the latest CW promo for "Yes, Then Zero" is sure to get people talking. We've been promised a shocking pregnancy reveal, and if it were Blair, that would certainly qualify.

It could be all misdirection, but when you see Dan and Chuck disputing who B was last "with," you can't help but wonder ... especially with her preparing to marry someone else. Now THAT would be some drama!

Take a look at the promo here and see what you think ...

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don´t think Blair is pregnant.


If the anything I have learnt is that these promos are deceiving!! Blair is not going to be pregnant...They are probably going to say its Jenny (cause she won't be on the show anymore hardly) or someone who is older or is not a main character!


Seriously, am I the only person in the world who thinks pretty much anyone getting pregnant on this show is a bad idea? Wow, most of the characters are way too emotionally immature and the parents are already been there, done that...god anytime the pregnancy thing is brought on a teenage show it cheapens it, and this is no exception. It would not be cute if it was chuck's baby, or Dan's, ow pretty much any on the show; it would be the end of those characters we love, who are so much lighter and fun. A baby would make any one of them darkly burdened with a decision and commitment that should be happening 8 years from then, instead of at 21 or 22. At those ages, very few people are ready to give up going out and having fun, or discovering themselves, which you have to do when there's someone else to take care of. Please writers, do not ruin these characters for me. Please do not, I'm begging you!


dair has chemistry?lmfao yea i can see "4 years in the making" just so blair can tell dan that kissing him is like kissing her brother lol. u know how u can tell when two people have chemistry when the other person says kissing u and like kissing my family(sarcasm)


I somehow slowly start to believe that Blair also slept with Dan.(even if I don't know when this should have happened...she really would have been busy lately^^) Because that's the only thing what would still 'shock' me about this whole pregnancy story! But in the end it woudn't be Dan's baby of course but Chuck's....and everyone is happy^^
And Thanks @jam for calling me crazy! It's so boring to be always on the secure -I mean Dan- side!:p
But NO I don't hate on him... I really like Dan! But he's just not meant for Blair! And if you understand only one tiny bit about how Blair works you know I'm right!


Jump the shark... la la la la la
Writers losing their minds... la la la la
Really stupid idea... la la la la


People who still like Chair . . . are crazy, but the writers will probably side with you. If Chair is endgame... Blair can go ahead and get a great divorce attorney and get her domestic assault paperwork in order. I would have a serious conversation with Bair if the character were my friend in real life abut Check. Dan, on the other hand, is smart, witty and ready to there for her. She clearly had unresolved feelings for him last season. I am over Derena and over chair, but DAIR is where it is! The chemistry was amazing. The Dair dynamic was the best thing since the orginal couples got together (yes there was a time that i was Derena and Chair, but no more). DAIR! DAIR! DAIR! I am going to feel sick if she is pregnant and its Chuck's baby. The couple was my favorite on any T.V. show last year.


yeah it would be too predictable.. but damn I want it


Pregnant blaire-A baby interesting! Can't wait so anxoius,hopes it chucks baby. I'm a total chuck and blaire fan.if its not chucks baby oh well NO MORE GOSSIP GIRL then it would totally suck! CHUCK AND BLAIRE ROCKS GOSSIP GIRL!!#


oh, how fun it would be if Blair is pregnant with Chuck's baby (Sarcasm)
I do not think they need a midwife, but maybe an exorcist with 1 gallon of holy water when "it" comes out. Can only speculate where the tattoo "666" will be on the child! LOL Don't get me wrong, I adore Blair, it's Chuck that I loathe....... But I sincerely hope that Blair is not pregnant, what a waste it would be

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