Look Who Else is Returning to One Tree Hill...

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Tyler Hilton, Paul Johansson and Chad Michael Murray will all visit One Tree Hill at some point during its final season, which is expected to kick off in January.

And they'll be joined for a few other familiar faces, TV Line confirms. Fans of this CW hit can look forward to the following names reprising their roles on the show next year:

One Tree Hill promo pic
  • Allison Munn as Lauren, who will show up with Quinn's ex-husband, David (Scott Holroyd)... and the couple's baby together!
  • Devin McGee as Xavier Daniels, the man who attacked Brooke and killed Quentin.
  • Alyn Woods as Nathan's mom.

Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives), meanwhile, has been cast as Brooke's father.

We'll announce the official One Tree Hill premiere date as soon as it's released.


HB needs to return. no matter how any one feels she was a major driving force in the series. and i actually loved Peyton!


cant believe @ChadMMurray Hilarie werent there at the event were they invited thOTH started w them sophia,joy & james should end w them (were they even mentioned at the event the oth cast and mark act like peyton and lucas never exsisted)I know lucas will b bck but what about peyton brooke never even mentons her or does nathan & theyv been fiends for years same w haley w lucas


Ew please dont bring back hilarie burton, shes dreadful!!! Peyton sucks! Cant wait to see Lucas and Chris tho :) Aaaand i think bringing back moira kelly would make the perfect touch!!!


when is the season 9 premiere? please?


Hoping 2 see if hilarie burton name is added pls update more often


yay an update! been checking every day for something. love OTH!! been wondering where brooke's dad has been. interesting. is bryan greenberg going to pop in as Jake (bringing Jenny of course)! Can't wait to see Lucas and Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton!!)


and moira kelly!!


Still waiting to see Hilarie Burton's name added to this list!

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