Melinda McGraw Cast as Gibbs' Ex-Wife on NCIS

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Melinda McGraw is coming to NCIS as Gibbs' ex-wife. The one who was also married to Tobias Fornell!

The actress, who played Don Draper mistress Bobbie Barrett on Mad Men, will guest star on the CBS procedural as Diane, the former Mrs. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, in the November episode, “Devil’s Triangle.”

The reason for her appearance? Diane's current husband somehow gets caught up in a joint NCIS-FBI investigation, thus involving our favorite federal agent odd couple of Gibbs and Fornell (Joe Spano).

Neither of the men are too high on her these days, given their respective divorces.

Melinda McGraw Image

Gibbs definitely has a thing for redheads.

Gibbs may feel more positively about another new character. As fans probably know, Jamie Lee Curtis will be joining the show in November as well for a two-episode arc as Charlotte Ryan.

An official from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Defense, Ryan will spar with Gibbs, and that should lead to some “sparks,” according to executive producer Gary Glasberg.

“We’re expecting some real chemistry.”

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I miss Ziva, but, a good replacement would have been Melinda McGraw, the actress who played Diane Sterling in this episode. She's the ex-wife of both Gibbs and Fornell. Now there is a story line the writers would have fun with! Wow! Ziva's replacement, Ellie, is NOT a good chemistry! Her blonde hair belongs on NCIS Los Angeles! Kate was a brunette and so was Ziva. Both were great! Why bring in a blonde? Bad Choice CBS! No longer watch the show. Boring.


NCIS is one of those classics that you watch when new and watch again because there is so much going on that you simply can't catch everything the first time around. It is going to be the 'Law & Order' of the crime scene investigation shows...we will be watching reruns 20+ years after the first show ever aired. I liked the pairing of Gibbs with Mann but I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics between Gibbs and the Coast Guard CIS, Diane Neal...Jamie Lee Curtis and Gibbs could work depending on the writers. Just a little aside, my 46 yr old daughter said that David McCallum must have been a very good looking young man because he is a very attractive older man, I goggled him to show her "The Man From Uncle" photos...she swooned.


Diane was wife #2.
A bitch, like #3, Stephanie, who hit Gibbs on the head with a golf club, and #4 (never knew her name, hit his skull with a baseball bat)... J.L.Curtis, for crying out loud, you can't be serious... It's getting boring to see each and every "old" Harmon's partners. Abby Sciuto is the one, "his girl", she won't hit him, lol ! Or Holly Snow, perhaps. When will he realize there's a life after the red heads ? ;) Hinky. Whatever, take care, guys.


Okay i cant wait for gibbs ex wife to come on that is gonna be awesome we will now have seen two ex wives in the show and as for jamie lee cutis i just dont really like her i liked her in freaky friday but oither than that just really not that much STILL I cant wait for next week sooo excited


You know what would be cool is if Gibbs and Fornell had to arrest her


I wonder why shes coming can't wait to see why. Thanks Editor for answer my question. I wonder if her new husband is good or bad.


her wedding was last year Too I can not wait for Tuesday when NCIS really comes on


Hi ya Tiva
Yes, I think you are right. Different actress I think, but she never spoke. Just gave Gibbs and Fornell that darn "LOOK"
And anyway, didn't she clear out both of their accounts? I think so.
Perhaps she will not be as nice as she looks ...


She is very pretty. Look forward to some sparks between her and Gibbs perhaps.
And there is NOTHING finer than a Gibbs / Fornell NCIS scene. I await this with baited breath. I also love watching the show on MONDAY night. Yay !!!
I am really loving this Season 9 so far. Did not enjoy the 'arc' about P2P at all. So happy to see the end of that ej circus Team from Spain. Oh ya, they are all dead anyway!


wasn't Diane on the Angel of Death Episode she didn't say anything she just stood there with her and Fornell Daughter Emily. I think she married a homeland Security guy last season. well can't wait I like Fornell.