NCIS: Los Angeles Preview: Switching Partners?

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The team was hostile to Hunter on last night's episode of NCIS: Los Angeles (see TV Fanatic's NCIS: LA review from earlier). That's not likely to change next week when she makes them change partners.

When Sam is sent undercover as a bomb specialist to find stolen explosives somewhere in the City of Angels, he's partnered with Deeks of all people, while Callen is in turn partnered with Kensi.

The comedic possibilities are great. The team's general morale and attitude regarding Claire Forlani's Agent Hunter are a different matter, however. This has to be building toward something big.

Check out the promo for the episode, "Backstopped," below:

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I cant wait til they KILL off Hunter! Bringing in her was the worst thing they coulda done with this show!

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

That was such a Great episode!! They handled the team switch pretty well and Callem was there "just in time" to save Sam b4 he could have got shot at the end. SO happy to see Heddy back! and go figure - Hunter was undercover as the g/f! So much excitement as usual! What I really want to know is if we get to hear the rest of the story of Callems family besides that is mothers name is Clara!!


does it really matter if they are a team

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