Next Week on Glee: A Diva-licious Duel

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Glee continued its resurgence this week with a focus on Kurt's run for student body president; the competition over the school musical; and the return of Idina Menzel as Shelby.

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Looking ahead to next Tuesday, Fox is teasing an especially serious episode of the show, as Mercedes will challenge Rachel; Mr. Schuester will cover Coldplay; and viewers will meet Mike's parents after this senior earns an Asian F. What the heck is that? Find out below:

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Pubic hair totally ruined Coldplay's "Fix You" for me!


scrath the last post I just rewatched the clip its an A-


To said "asian F" is most likely a B. Just sayin...mike chang probably gets straight A's if his parents are considering harvard and its mighty far-fetched to believe he'd get an actual F so I'm thining its a B...Maybe a C...but thats why its called an asian F cause them asians are smart cookies


Isn't Damian McGinty coming on for this episode?? =DDDDDD


As an actor myself and a musical theatre lover the one thing that seriously bothers me about this whole competition for Maria is that there isn't one. I love Mercedes voice, I think she's amazing, but she isn't Maria. There is nothing soulful about Maria. She is innocence, she is childlike, she is a romantic, and delicate. All these things Mercedes does not in body. I don't even think she could sing most of the soprano notes on the score for her. Rachel however, fits the part, can sing the part, and in almost any real world or even real high school casting situation would get that part hands down. However, what glee often forgets when they do a musical during a season is that there are more iconic parts then the lead. Mercedes is a perfect Anita. Sultry, soulful, wise beyond her years,and tough as nails, while still being romantic. She was one of my favorite characters when I saw it on broadway and Mercedes would be amazing at it. I'd love to hear her sing "A Boy Like that." It would be genius. Glee, please don't screw up a great season by doing an unrealistic casting choice just to surprise the viewers. I highly doubt anyone will buy it if the roles are switched. I would love to see Mercedes challenge herself with Anita. It's an excellent fit and would work well for both their storylines.


@kat wow ok just because your not a fan doesn't mean there are not fans of hers out there. She and kurt are the only characters to bring enough emotion to their roles to make you feel anything. At least be considerate to her actual fans. I don't get on here and tell rachel to stfu even though she annoys me. Grow up and be considerate of other people


I'm sorry, but Mercedes voice doesn't fit with Maria. She should play Anita- she has a big, strong voice. I even think Quinn would be a better Maria- she's supposed to be innocent, quiet and sweet. Mercedes isn't that. Also, she's always like, I don't practice- good luck being in a musical


QUINN SHUT UP YOU"RE SO SELFISH AND CHILDISH. I literally mute my television whenever she comes on. Not a relatable or sympathetic character at all.


I just have to say, as a recent high school graduate, such high intensity drama between friends was so rare that I can't jump on this bandwagon of having Glee friends rip at each other's throats so often. Sure, jealousies arise, and sure, sometimes you think you'd do better at something than your friend, but why does it have to be so soap opera-esque? Also, pick more impartial play directors next time! Of course tenseness will ensue if you have one of your friends (Artie) forced to choose between you and another friend.


I don't see the point of a diva-off between Rachel and Mercedes, it has happened before and Rachel is obviously better. Moreover, Lea Michele is a way better singer, actress and dancer than Amber Riley. Don't get me wrong, AR is nice and a good singer but she is limited to only ONE type of music. Lea Michele can sing all the kind of music. So this so-called competition will fell flat.

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