Ringer Episode Preview: "She's Ruining Everything"

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With the premiere of Ringer, and its strong ratings, in the books, it's on to episode two for this new CW hit.

What can fans expect on "She's Ruining Everything?"

  • Bridget will struggle with how to cover up her crime... while still pretending she's Siobhan.
  • Agent Machado will choose to plant himself in New York.
  • Malcolm will be placed in danger.
  • Jamie Murray will guest star as Andrew's business partner.

Check out the official CW promo now and sound off: Are you in for Ringer?


The pilot was great and the promo makes it seem even more interesting. I wouldnt be surprised if Siobhan was the one who sent that man after Bridget wanting to fake her own death for whatever reason...


The CW really does have a good show, so I really hope they don't screw it up!
Also, this promo is interesting. :p

Uncle jackass

It definitely is perplexing the mind. I'm leaning towards either "I don't get it" or "It's so good that I can't get it?"

Adrian eduardo bustamante pincheira

The pilot started off on a strong foot and I really hope they keep it up. This show seems to be more than just spoon-fed dribble unlike other shows out at the moment. (High-fives CW)

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Ringer Quotes

Siobhan: I was wondering how you'd look after six years.
Bridget: Not nearly as good as you.

Mistakes aren't tragedies.


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