Rookie Blue Season 3 Scoop: What is Normal?

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What is normal for Andy and Sam? That was the final question our critic posed at the conclusion of her Rookie Blue season finale review.

We aren't the only ones wondering. In an interview with Tassie Cameron, Vlada Gelman asked the same thing, to which the producer gave the following, vague reply:

"We spent a lot of time discussing that in the development of Season 3. We sort of wrote ourselves into that corner, with a few ideas about what we were going to do in Season 3... We’re going to try to explore what normal looks like for them in at least the first half of Season 3."

Concerned Andy

So... Andy and Sam will be dating? Out in the open and everything? Not exactly.

"They are both suspended at the end of the season," Cameron said. "Our consultants told us if two officers are suspended for conduct unbecoming, which is what they would have been suspended for, then probably the ground rules during their suspension would be that they’re not supposed to see each other. So that was an interesting place to start.

Cameron added that Pete will not be returning next season and that "we’re going to do some stuff with Gail romantically in Season 3," but, sorry, Gail/Dov fans, the show will "not pursue the Dov storyline. It will bubble away under the surface."

For more from the producer, read the full interview at TV Line now.


Sam and Andy have this very special bond together,it's a joy to see them together even so i like Luke who keep trying to get Andy back.


Why Andy never get hurt or kidnapp in the action of her job when all the others do.I wish she would give an other chance to luke as Sam does not take their relationship seriously.I like to see Andy running to catch the bad guys.


@Tammy unfortunately at the moment there is no time frame for Season 3 to air in Australia, i would say like last year prob around July/August, check out my fan page on twitter RookieBlueAust x


When does season 3 of rookie blue come out? I am in Australia and get it on Austar i cant get enough of it we now have season 2 repeats luv it cant get enough of it.


Keep Andy & Sam together. Sent Luke to follow his ex - gf out of town.
When will season 3 start back?


love the tension between andy and sam. let it simmer. i think gail and dove are simmering too


when is the new season for 2012 start


just would like to know just when the show will be back for the next season. We just love the show and look forward to seeing it again. Should have it replace some of the really stupid shows that are on now(reality shows).


I think that Gail-Luke thing has a good chance to happen this new season. For those how asked, Pete was the asian rookie from the season two finale. I wonder if this season will see Gail's father and who could play it. Mark Harmon or Tim Roth would be great. I wonder if Chris Diaz lying for that academy friend will return to get him into trouble. This new season should see Tracy's mother, I think that a bit of trouble in his life would be good for the character, I think as Gail said, his life isn't interesting enough for gossiping.


I am very much looking forward to watching the next season of Rookie Blue. It is one of my favorite shows and I wish it could air more frequently than it does. Just give them summer and winter vacation, but not too long though!

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