Rookie Blue Season Finale Preview: Saving Swarek

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Rookie Blue went there last week, making Sandy fans around the country cheer in delight.

But trouble is ahead for Andy, Sam and company, ABC wraps up this drama's second season with two new episodes on Thursday night. Both will center around Sam being placed in harm's way as a result of his connection to Andy.

How will the season end? Get an idea now via this Canadian promo for "On the Double" and "God's Good Grace."

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I was so glad to see this show return, and hope it will next year (or before). Everybody is pulling for Andy and Swarek. I love the characters and the story line.


I love this show.....soooo good! love sam & andy!! HOT!


O.K. folks here's my take on Rookie Blue:
I LOVE this show, LOVE that it's Canadian and don't try to hide that fact! - Shouldn't just be a summer "filler" anymore, needs to be with the big guns now - Fall season!
I LOVE Traci, Jerry and Oliver rules; (so funny, but wise)hope Chris and the priest become friends and somehow they can write the priest (sorry, don't know his name) into the show more, I really liked him; maybe his helping kids with Chris's aid?
What I REALLY LOVE though is, of course Sam and Andy. Finally the writers are listening to the fans and getting Same & Andy together! My advice to those writers is keep the "Sandy" thing going and going until they get married (come on, that's what this show is really about, huh and they better listen to their fans as we are a fickle bunch & can easily bring 'em down LOL ) Check out most of the stories on Fanfiction; it's all good!
P.S. Luke + Gail = 2 snakes; they belong together, creepy, fake and manipulative; obviously not my favorites!LOL


I don't think Sam will die. He is a main reason why people stick around and keep watching the show... The girls want him and the guys want to be him... weird way to think of it but it's true All in All it looks to be an exciting 2 Epi.


I would REALLY like to hear from my fellow rookie blue fans what they think this season finale will bring. I feel that Sam will "die". Either he will appear to have sustained grievous bodily injuries and succombed (and we will be in longing as to whether he really died or not until Season 3) or he outrightly "died" maybe for an extension on this undercover job and Andy doesnt know better... I dont know.. that will be the angle I wouldve taken as a writer since I drew Sandy so close together so early in the season, I wil need to continue the drama for the 3rd season. This season finale also spoke about incriminating one of our own rookies for some type of crime, and i was busting my brain to try to think what angle they might be coming at. Maybe Chris got found out about lying for his fellow officer friend about his drinking and driving accident..?
What do you all think? Not only about my thoughts.. would love to hear yours..


i really like and love this show!!!! sooooooooooooooo goooood..


So amped about sandy! !! Scared that something bad might happen. Hope I wont have to next summer to see season 3. Best show airing right now. Rookie blue is a beast :)


I LOVE Sandy! I really don't think they would kill Sam, he's their bread and butter. I really hate that we will have to wait til May or June for another season. Come on ABC, wake up and make this a full fledged show.


I can't wait to see how it ends... But I do wiah there was a full season! Love love loving Sandy!

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