Rutina Wesley Teases Role on Season Five of True Blood

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It was the biggest question to come out of the True Blood season four finale, one we debated on this week's Round Table, but it's already been answered:

Yes, Tara will return next summer. But in what capacity? That much remains unclear.

Fallen Tara

Simply put, Wesley tells TV Line: "I know I’m coming back... I just don’t know how I’m coming back." She also tells Entertainment Weekly that Alan Ball has promised "big plans" for the character next year.

Alright then. So much for that mystery. Will she remain dead and be seen in flashbacks? Turned into a vampire? Simply suck down Bill or Eric's blood and shake off her little head wound like it's a scratch?

What do you hope happens with Tara on season five?


OMG! Alicia I absolutley lveoee lovee them!! I was so nervous that we wouldn't be thrilled cause you know its like so many pictures of us at once but honestly I cannot thank you enough!!You are the besttt Tara


I'm guessing one of those lovestruck vamps across the graveyard will rush to Sookie's aid and save Tara. It probally won't be Bill because of the way he feels about creating new vampires. My money's on Eric. I can picrure it now... Tara "awaking" with Eric as her her new Father/Maker and jealous PAM as a big sister!!!! Ah, sibiling rivalry. Just random thoughts though...


I cried when Tara n Lafayettes guy died...It really killed me...i wish he could come come n Tara too coz honestly True Blood will be nuthn without them


I like Tara shes cool. She mite be a lil mean sometimes but she is still funny sometimes and cool expecially when she gets with her cousin lafyette and not to mention he just lost the man he loves bc a stupid witch ghoast posessed him and made him kill him, which was very sad, so he doesnt need to lose the only real family he has left really. So i hope she comes back either human or vampire one cause it just wouldnt be the same without her.




i can see tara being a spirit and lafayette taking her in but i don't see them doing that this soon more likely russell edginton is going to show up offer her a deal sookie's life for helping tara. i don't think that fairy showing up and doing andy bellefleur is a good sign. its gonna backfire and bite him on the ass cause if you ever read fairy lore then u kno u don't make agreements wit fairies and not follow thru, or lie to fairies you will bring the hunt on you.


It would be irony at it's best to have Tara come back as the one thing she hates/fears most...but I'm sick of everyone and everything being some sort of monster/supernatural. We are running out of plain ole' HUMANS!


I agree with Dexter Idolizer, Tara is a amazing character and I know Alan has to "Trim the fat" from the show but Tara should not be in that fat. Her only real problem is that I feel she doesn't get enough great story lines of her own. If she did, she would be even more than she is... I mean look at Lafayette... he went from being the fry cook/gigalo to a full blown medium with kick ass powers, a Latino lover, and a great story line that tied into the arc story... SO if Alan Ball gave Tara a better storyline she will be a better character...Give her her own thing and she will rock!!! Also I have to mention this but the same with Jason. I feel that he keeps getting the chance to be something better and taken more serious but he keeps blowing it. In reality, I was hoping he became a werepanther so he could have his own zany adventures with the supernatural w/o lil sis Sookie being involved and also some status so he can make some major decisions besides "How is he going to help Sookie?" or "Should I/Should I NOT PLOW MY BEST FRIEND'S EX?" Please Alan, give him a more serious role next season because if anyone had seen Griff the Invisible or L&O:SVU, you would know that Ryan aka Jason has a serious dramatic side....


For the love of everything pure and sacred in the world of vampire fantasy, somebody tell Ball that it's okay to kill characters. I actually liked Tommy - who learned to shape shift into other people - and they killed him off. Jesus, was kinda creepy at first because I thought they were going to do some gay sex scene, but they did it really well and brought out the love in the relationship, the good cooperative team skills, the similar magic abilities... Jesus even had a demon in him, way cool, and they kill him off... Wow. They killed Nan, the queen... both characters who I really liked despite them having less than five lines per season... Who else... Renee. Godric. The texan vampires... Out of everybody else to resurrect? Why Tara? Come on. Why? WHY?


The picture: As we know her: Sookie is screaming for help.
I think Tara will be a Vamp. Maybe then I can fully enjoy her, IDK yet.

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