Rutina Wesley Teases Role on Season Five of True Blood

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It was the biggest question to come out of the True Blood season four finale, one we debated on this week's Round Table, but it's already been answered:

Yes, Tara will return next summer. But in what capacity? That much remains unclear.

Fallen Tara

Simply put, Wesley tells TV Line: "I know I’m coming back... I just don’t know how I’m coming back." She also tells Entertainment Weekly that Alan Ball has promised "big plans" for the character next year.

Alright then. So much for that mystery. Will she remain dead and be seen in flashbacks? Turned into a vampire? Simply suck down Bill or Eric's blood and shake off her little head wound like it's a scratch?

What do you hope happens with Tara on season five?


Yes Sookie has been through a lot, they all have but that is what makes the show, isn't it ? The fairies will be back, remember Sookies fairy god mother, she had a twin brother. Which Alan hinted at him for season 5, in the books he was a club owner of male strippers and gay. Will make for an interesting show. Hard to say with Russel, for once though when someone is dead, geez leave them dead...


Russel Edington come for sookie, they make some kind of pact, she let him in and he save Tara. Or she just will be a ghost and we can have an another remake of "being human" ^_^ !!!!


The fairy plotline might not be over, as some suspect. Yes, they teased us with it, but once we found out about why Sookie was the way she was (she's a fairy!), then they pushed the rest of the storyline to the back burner til next season. Her power/identity is something we needed to know so the fourth season could unfold. Add in the fairy sex with Andy, and I don't see how we are done with the fairies just yet. They just set us up, is all. If Russell and/or The Authority is the big bad in season five, maybe the only way he can be stopped is by the fairies .


She screams for help, fairy appears and helps 'em it is the day the line between living and dead is at it's thinnest after all


could her revival have something to do with the Fairy plotline being re-introduced??

Uncle jackass

Seeing that she had witch abilities, I suppose she could re-possess LaFyette and thus triple his powers.


I was about to give up on True Blood if Tara was gone! I hope she's alive. Sookie's been through enough, as has LaFyette. Losing their bestfriend/cousin would just be even more traumatizing!
I look forward to see how Alan Ball turns her character from being emotionally troubled to having "big plans".

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