Shonda Rhimes Casts Series of Favorites on Scandal

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When Shonda Rhimes premieres her next new series on ABC, fans of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy will see many familiar faces. They will include:

  • Kate Burton (the late Ellis Grey) as Vice President Sally Hewitt.
  • Jeff Perry (Meredith's father) as the president's chief of staff. 
  • JoBeth Williams (Addison's mother) as a client of Kerry Washington's professional PR expert.
Scandal Cast Pic

Scandal will premiere in February or March and centers around a crisis management firm. TV Fanatic was on the set this week and will have a slew of interviews and scoop about the show as it gets closer to airing.


As a fan of Shonda Rhimes past, present and future work, I'll be tuning in to watch it.


Recycling is good right? The show feels very west wingesque if you guys know what I mean.

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