Suits Season 2 Scoop: What's on Tap?

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Suits wrapped up a hugely popular first season by posing a vital question: what the heck is up with that can opener?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Aaron Korsh laughs over this topic and rehashes the first season finale. Read the chat in full now, and get some early scoop from Korsh on next summer below.

Suits Season Finale Pic

According to Korsh...

... we'll see more of Grammy.

... we'll delve more into Harvey's past with women, or lackthereof. Does it have to do with his parents?

... we might meet Hartman.

... we'll focus on Louis and the issue of partnership.

What grade would you give season one of Suits?


I literally hate Rachel
She is a terrible actress and an annoying character


I hate how Rachel is so manupulative towards Mike, she uses the fact that he loves her against him. She has no respect for him and it's boring how weak-willed Mike is for always giving in to her


Can't wait for Suits except I hate the character of Rachel Zane she is such a ugly potrayal of women


Does anybody know when will approximately next season star? I'm from Spain and don't know how the tv shows are time planning


Looking forward to all of this. I've been beyond curious about Hartman of Pearson&Hartman and I was dying to know what happened to Grams. Harvey backstory is the highlight..there is never too much info and backstory they can give about him.The new season cant come fast enough.

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