The Lying Game Review: Bad Boys and Broken Hearts

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At first, I wondered why this week's episode of The Lying Game earned the title "Bad Boys Break Hearts." After all, it's the ladies on this show who jerk the men around. Then, I discovered the description referred to the Dangerous Dad Duo, Alec and Ted.

Char's mom told Sutton what the viewers have probably already discerned: Ted and Alec broke Annie's heart, hurt her and drove her out of Arizona.

Derek in the Pool

Why did Char's mom get so emotional, though? I can't believe I didn't realize that the Mercers lived in Los Angeles during Ted's residency. Red flag!! Now I'm starting to think that it was both Ted and Alec who had affairs with Annie. Some of our readers think that Ted could be the biological father and I may be on board with this theory.

Alec says something can always be done, but I think he needs to realize that as his kids grow up he's not going to be able to get away with so much shadiness. What's the deal with Eduardo anyway? What did Alec say or do to him? And why does he want that kid to take Char out?

The hour started off slow, but by the end, my head was totally spinning with questions. The fall-out in the Sutton/Thayer/Ethan/Emma love square is a total reflection of how much of an impact the digital world affects this generation. Sutton wouldn't have known about the kiss if she didn't see pictures online and Emma wouldn't have known about Thayer if it weren't for the video chat.

One couple who looks like they'll be able to survive the little blips in life is Laurel and Justin. We all knew Justin was hiding something and when we found out the truth, I felt so terrible for him. I'm glad Laurel was so supportive about everything.

Things are blowing up all over this show and, boy, what an ending. First, all of the worlds colliding at the scene of Eduardo's surgery; then, Sutton doing what Sutton does and sneaking past security to get her very first glimpse of her mother... right before someone grabbed her from behind. Chilling stuff.


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Avatar do have some pretty great sposnors...lucky you!I love Robyn and can't wait to meet her in New Orleans at the ASCP stockist meeting.Have a great SundayJanet xoxThe Empty Nest


The end of this episode blew me away. It might just be security who pulled Sutton away from her mom's room, but it might be more. I don't know who else Alec wants to hurt to keep from the secret of Sutton and Emma's birth from coming out, but will Ted really keep standing by while innocent people get hurt. I know he is harboring secrets, and may or may not be the real father of the twins, but I really think he has a better character than Alec and will do the right thing. If Ted is the father, why is Alec so invested in keeping it a secret? What is his part? Is there something more nefarious that happened all those years ago, than just a possible statutory rape? There are so many more questions. I don't believe that Justin is more than he has explained. I think this episode was just an example of all the secrets that the boys are keeping too.


Overall, I loved the episode but I really disliked the Ethan/Emma-storyline this time. 1. Why should Emma tell him about Sutton and Thayer? It's not like she caught them in bed together or anything, Sutton was just in his apartment and he came out of the shower, so what? Those two have known each other forever, I really don't get why Emma would jump to conclusions so quickly. She was right after all, because Sutton and Thayer had actually slept with each other, but I really don't see why she told Ethan. Which leads to 2. Why was Ethan mad at Emma for not telling him right away? He totally overreacted and I just looked at the screen thinking "WTF?" I really hoped the show wouldn't go the way of most tv shows where couples break up for no reason, but sadly, it's the case here. So in my opinion the Ethan/Emma-storyline was a huge letdown this week and I hope it gets better next week.
I'm really excited to see whether Sutton comes back eventually or what happens to her. She can't stay in L.A. forever.


This series is awesome! How many series give decent storylines to non-major characters? If this was another series, I might just accept Justin's story but I don't know. If Ethan hadn't punched Thayer, "Sutton" might have had to slap Ethan for cheating with "Emma". That would have been hilarious. I knew Derek was getting close to Char for Alek from the beginning. If it wasn't for dating Justin, Laurel might be suspicious about Emma. Sutton just got restrained by security I'm betting. Annie was a few years younger than Ted and Alek so maybe it was statutory rape.

Leigh r

@Siiri- i promise a longer review for next week!!


Here's my theory - Ted's the biological father and this happened while the Mercers were living in LA. Annie got pregnant and Alec said he'd help Ted out. I bet Ted didn't know that Annie was pregnant with twins and Alec put Emma up for adoption to make money off it - maybe he was just starting out and in a scrape or something, since a wealthy family adopted her, and kept that part of the information from Ted. It'd explain why he's so against Ted telling "Sutton" the truth about Annie and why the twins would've been separated if Ted's the biological father.


Justin's parents may or may not be dead. All we know is that he said they were dead. Justin could be more evil than we thought.


laurel is defintely my fav character..she's funny, warm, cute and understanding..i'm glad we finally found out what was up with justin and it's sad but i'm glad he isn't evil like i thought before


I definitely think Ted is their biological father. I don't know how dark this show is willing to go, but I'm thinking he raped her and Alec either was there or helped cover it up. As for Emma, I don't think she is being a bad sister. Even if her actions with Ethan are less than sisterly, look at the way Sutton has been treating her, and Ethan. She lied about staying with Thayer, she is mean to Emma at every chance, she has been jerking Ethan around for a year. I just hope she learns a lesson for all of this and becomes a better person.


I know Emma is good to Laurel, but does anybody else feel like she's the worse sister ever to Sutton. I feel bad for her. Her twin is sluttin it up with her boyfriend.

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