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Chasen, you may be right! I didn't notice the hints to Justin at first but I must admit, it's pretty darn weird. Also, at first I believed that Sutton's stepparents were partners in crime, but actually her stepmom doesn't know much about it. I guess that Ted or Alec are the fathers (well, one of them is and my guess is that it's more likely to be Ted) but I'd sure like to know why the hell is Annie at this hospital, plus what did A&T do to her, which leads me to the mystery: what does Annie have on those two, which they are so afraid to come out? Moreover, why the hell is Char a problem? What did Alec do to Eduardo (who btw, is sooooo darn hot!! + they could show us, if he lives enough, how well he really dances. After all, being the male lead in Step Up 3D, you have to belong to the elite of the dancing world..)? More questions are popping to my head and I'm glad that the questions are being answerd, not like they do in PLL, which is one of my favourite shows, but is starting to annoy me, because it's getting pretty riddiculous at this point. Tho, the questions and mysteries just keep on coming, they're being resolved. It's a progress and imo it's the key to making a good show. Cannot wait to see the next episode :)

P.S. I wish you'd written a bit longer review.. :(


No there's something more to Justin because Laurels dad is giving him hints on how to impress his own daughter, How often do you see that from a dad? I also believe Ted maybe the biological father, I've been speculating about that since an earlier episode....Who knows ugh XD. The shows getting more intense and interesting though.

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