The Lying Game Review: Coming to Their Twinsenses

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Just like its sister show, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game is starting to get so crazy that I might have to keep a list of theories written down just to keep it all straight! In "Twinsense and Sensibility," Emma and Sutton learned the name of their birth mother, a major feat.

This huge tip was stumbled upon by a recurring nightmare the girls both had as children. Now, I'm not a twin so I can't verify this, but is this whole "I can feel what my long lost twin feels as some part of special twin-intuition" theory at all legit?

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I'm ashamed to admit that the only other time I ever heard of this powerful theory was in that Lindsay Lohan stripper movie I Know Who Killed Me. It's okay if you judge me based on my movie history, we've all made mistakes! But I digress, as this this twinsense turned out to be a major help for Emma and Sutton.

Here are a few things that we know for sure: Emma almost suffocated in a fire when she was a child. She and Sutton both have a recurring nightmare about this incident. Their birth mother's name was Annie Hobbs. Alec and Ted are in cahoots and know what happened to Annie Hobbs. Alec is extremely creepy.

He obviously knows that Emma has taken Sutton's place, considering he saw Sutton with Thayer in LA when he was playing Peeping Tom last week. Why did he feel the need to scare the crap out of Emma by tailing her with his car?

Many viewers have been theorizing that Alec and Ted know what happened to the birth mother and now it has been confirmed. You could tell the second Ted glanced at the notepad that it must have had Annie written on it because he lied his way out of that house as fast as he could. Whatever happened obviously seems to haunt Ted. Alec, on the other hand, is more than happy to take care of the dirty work.

Here is my theory and I would love it for you guys to weigh in on it: Alec and Ted intended to get rid of Annie Hobbs in some way that involved the fire. As for why, I believe that after she took back Emma, she was going to come back for Sutton, too. Obviously Ted wasn't going to let that happen. But why was was it all so shady? Why was it all so backdoor to begin with? Most of all, why is Alec the one obsessing over it?

Perhaps Alec cheated on Mads' mother with this Annie woman and was afraid of what she might do, so he attempted to broker the twins into safe families? The girls did mention how it was odd that their parents all used to be best friends and now they're not. Alec also has an unusual amount of interest in Sutton and Thayer's relationship. Maybe it's because they are actually brother and sister? That is, if this theory pans out.

In the meantime, I don't think that Mrs. Mercer is clued in to whatever the secret is. I also don't know why Emma keeps emphasizing how amazing she thinks Sutton's petty, immature friends Mads are Char are, when it's really Sutton's sister Laurel who is the coolest of the bunch.

So many mysteries, so little time. Looking forward to finding out more next week.


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Love emma/sutton and laurel.alexandra chando is awesome as the twin sisters stories.i really like this show and the mystery,the cliffhangers& twists& turns(like pll and vampire diaries). Alec is totaly creepy and he and Tom share a secret. This show reminds me a lot of the O.C., moms are blonds named Kristen,alcholic parents(alec and chars mom),bad boy that isnt really all that bad(ethan on tlg,ryanon oc),parents that are good loving and moral center(mercers on tlg,choens o o.c.,), rich family that adopts a kid (mercers on tlg,cohens on o.c.,),emma on tlg and ryan on o.c. have similar hair color and come from poor/ bad families.


It was nice to see a lot of Sutton since Emma as Sutton was getting boring. Good plotting and pacing. Things aren't strung along without any meaningful advances. Allie Gonino's Laurel is awesome. Neesha so far is a stereotype.

Anna maria

I agree with your theory! I was thinking about this since the last episode! It makes total sense that they're Alec's daughters. But I guess it'll be more complicated than that, like pll, to keep us guessing!


'So many mysteries, so little time'- just hilarious!
Thank you for this recap and the mystery solving. Adultery seems like a pretty good motive for Alec's behavior. Although Ted would probably know about that and he is clearly hiding something from him too.
But I don't buy this twinsensibility either. Maybe Annie had kidnapped Sutton, since I can't imagine Ted giving her freely, which is why he came for her and somehow that fire started when both girls were still in the house like Susan Jayne suggested.
Only that since just Emma had memories of living in the house, the Mercer's took the right girl home. No matter what I'm definitly hooked. Won't stop watching now.
At first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to see this at all, because I didn't like the books. They were all mystery - no solution, no substantial clues. Just like it seems with pretty little liars at the time. The Lying Game takes us along, while giving us real clues each episode - I just hope it stays that way!


I don't think Alec is the father... I think Ted is the father. don't have a theory yet about why they should only adopt one..


The weird thing about Ted and Alec is that Alec took Sutton's laptop SECRETLY, when Ted could have easily gotten it for him. THEORY I think Alec got the mother pregnant, but didn't want Mads' mother to find out he cheated so made her give the babies up for adoption. His best friend at the time, Ted, was having trouble conceiving with his wife so he arranged for one of the twins to go to the Mercers. I don't buy the twin sense. I think after getting Emma back, annie also took Sutton - maybe secretly. Ted and his wife were distraught, and would do anything to get their daughter back. So Ted asked Alec to do the dirty work and help him get sutton back, by any means necessary. Alec started the fire and at that point, both twins were in the house. But Sutton wasn't there long enough to remember it, except subconsciously in her dreams. Alec gave Sutton to Ted and he left, with Alec staying behind to deal with Annie. He made sure they were trapped. The problem was, they escaped. Now Annie is probably in some private facility because she got the crap burnt out of her, or she really did die but Alec told Ted she survived. Emma was found by strangers (maybe fire fighters) and that led to her going into foster care. Also, I think maybe when they found the girls in the burning house, they couldn't tell the difference and they took the wrong baby. This would be a reason to keep Emma around in the house after Sutton returns - technically she's their daughter too - even if was just as a baby.

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