The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The End of the Affair"

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We're in a love/hate relationship with Katherine. We definitely feel badly for Caroline. And we're not entirely sure why Klaus needs an army of Hybrids.

Join Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella for the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, as, just like the episode itself, these four go back in time and revisit "The End of the Affair' below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Stefan finding Elena hidden inside his former closet. I seriously didn't know what he would do or what would happen next.

Steve: For shock value, the revelation that Stefan not only massacred people, but enjoyed/recorded it all. For pure emotion, the look on Paul Wesley's face when Klaus permitted Stefan to remember their adventures. For humor, Elena waking up next to Damon, or Damon claiming he's more fun than his brother.

Eric: Caroline getting tortured. That stuff was hot. And way too much insight into my bedroom. And not at all creepy that I made that joke when it involved her father. Because it's fiction.

Dan: I loved everything from the '20s, but my favorite scene had to be when current Stefan remembered all the fun times he had with Klaus and Rebecca back in the day. TVD is so good at making us feel sympathetic for people who have done some pretty terrible things.

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Why is Klaus creating Hybrids?
Matt: In my review, I guessed it was a mission given to him by some higher authority... and promptly got shouted down by pretty much every reader. I'd appreciate if you leave my mother and sister out of this, people, but you did convince me. He's likely seeing protection for some reason. But, man, how evil must the person chasing him be if he needs an entire army of Hybrids?!?

Steve: I have no earthly idea, but I'm glad he apparently has a reason other than boredom. His desperation to do so didn't really make sense until we learned that even Klaus is vulnerable to... someone. Something. My guess is he needs these hybrid comrades to rise up against this force.

Eric: I like Steve's argument that's been for his defense. Isn't that what all creatures instinctively create hybrids for?

Dan: The need to rise up against a greater evil makes the most sense at this point. Like Matt said in his review, it's a bit tiresome that the Big Bad just continues to get Bigger and Badder every half season or so, but that seems to be the only logical situation here.

Who is the man trying to hunt Klaus down?
Matt: His step-father. His grandfather. His uncle twice removed. Someone related to Klaus dammit!

Steve: Elliot Ness. Probably confused Klaus for Capone.

Eric: Who cares? That man is from the 1920s and obviously dead. Like the witch. Oh... wait.

Dan: Oh, I got this one. Agent Nelson Van Alden: Federal Prohibition Agent. Wait, wrong show? Sorry.

Katherine is... under-used? Over-used? Used perfectly well?
Matt: Misused. It's almost easy to forget that she was THE villain on season one, THE number-one mystery. Then, she shockingly returned and her storyline never really went anywhere last year. I challenge someone to go back through season two and see if her actions and/or reasoning actually added up. I fear the show is only keeping her around because we all love Nina Dobrev's performance so much, but from a storytelling point of view, she's useless.

Steve: Maybe the writers are only starting to weave a complex, meaningful story here, but based on this week alone, Katherine phoning in tips to Damon out of nowhere felt... well, phoned in. Hopefully Kat won't become another Bonnie, called in periodically to plug whatever plot holes arise.

Eric: No way she can be over-used when I forgot she existed until his week. But, yes, she is quickly becoming the Bonnie this season: filling in plot holes when convenient. A kind of fun, sexy plot hole filler that I can't wait to see in Chicago next week, that is.

Dan: Too sporadically used. Sometimes I completely forget about her, and bringing her in for such a short amount of time here and there just seems to have no purpose other than moving our main characters around like chess pieces. Give her something to do, or get rid of her.

Caroline crying about her father: Understandable, or a total overreaction?
Matt: A total overreaction seems a bit harsh, but, hey, at least her father does love her in his warped, misguided, torturous way. The guy could have just killed her and gone back to looking for a new pair of horned-rimmed glasses. Silver lining, C, silver lining!

Steve: As if being strapped into a torture chamber by her own father wasn't traumatizing enough, she probably has Stage 4 melanoma after all that UV exposure. Rough day. I think we can forgive a girl for crying.

Eric: Yeah, if you're going to insult my Caroline you'll have to go through Dan. Then me. But come on, Round Table Question Creator Guy. Overreaction?!? Do I need Barney Stinson to sit down and explain daddy issues to you?

Dan: How dare you even think about criticizing anything Caroline does? We should all be so lucky to kiss the ground she walks on. It's not her party, but she can cry if she wants to.


sorry guys, I just need to ask: when did carolines mom find out about her daughter being a vamp?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Caroline, saved by Prince Tyler in his arms. Woot! Why is Klaus creating Hybrids?
Because he felt all alone and need friends. Wild guess. Who is the man trying to hunt Klaus down?
Someone close to his Vampire Daddy that intends to destroy hybrid. Katherine is... under-used? Over-used? Used perfectly well?
Perfectly well! Trust me, it's refreshing to see Nina Dobrev as Katherine and I find the storyline of her and Stefan's past amusing. Caroline crying about her father: Understandable, or a total overreaction?
Try having your father torture you and not believe in what you are and try to change you? Caroline's a sweetheart. I feel bad for her :(


KATHERINE NEEDS A BETTER STORYLINE. i have said this so many times and i am so mas at the writers for not giving her a proper one. nina dobrev is utter perfection playing her! that is all. and i hate how she hardly has screen time now. damon and elena are just too cute. oh my god they are so cute. end of.


Crying Caroline was completely understandable - we know since first epizode that she´s a vulnerable teenager who just desperately wants another people to like her. It also seems to me, that she always had a stronger connection with her father ("I just thought that he was the one who got me"). And now - Daddy comes and says: "You´re a monster sweetheart. I have to fix you". Of course she cried. It would be completely out of character if she didn´t! I just hope that she will become strong enough to stop being sorry for who she is, even if her father doesn´t approve it. And also I really liked Stefan with Rebecca - you can see real passion here. That is something he never had with Elena.


what r writers trying to make us think or believe?r they telling us dat is sum1 far greater evil and powerful than klaus,who could dat be coz i can remember elijah telling elena dat klaus is the most feared and hatred of the originals,he's the strongest and oldest of them,wonder wat they r trying to make us believe.


my lovely roundtablers, the girl [caroline] needs to cry! let the gurl cry. in fact wouldnt it be lovely if stefan had a cry? no? too chickflick? stefan is so extreme either he's a protector of the land or he's the evillest person ever. worse than santa klaus. except for the mysterious puppetmaster or nick's nemesis. he ofcourse is like that dude from lord of the rings, that thing from hayl nicklaus is becomg more interesting because - hey chinks in the relentless force. missed katherine, elena is even more attractive in SOME ways as katherine lets face it eric, you sick puppy.


i like to see more Stefan/Rebekah scenes!! they had great chemistry!! i think Klaus and Stefan're now real friends!! it's time he forgot about Elena and moved on!!


1. My favorite scene would have to be is when Stefan found out from Klaus that the blond girl he was dancing with klaus sister A.K.A. Rebakah. This probably made Klaus very angry or pissed off at Stefan. I also was shocked that Niklaus and Stefan were besties, in the 1920s.


I'm surprised nobody says their favorite scene is the whole Damon and Elena in the bedroom thing. It had me laughing ! "Oooh those are in the yes pile" or something like that ^^

Uncle jackass

What was your favorite scene from the episode? Like some of the sentiments here there were way too many great scenes. Damon being a classic ass was always enjoyable. E.g) "I'm shocked, Stefan isn't a virgin???" But my inner sadist thinks the most memorable scene had to be Ripper Stefan compelling the hapless Liam Grant ("Go to Hell guy") because to Stefan's Ripper standards it seemed quite timid to his pattern of "hunting." Why is Klaus creating Hybrids? Given that my pre-cog skills are the equivalent of monkey on a typewriter, it is not a stretch to say that whatever I say is technically wrong. So to save grace, I'll state that the reasons will come soon... Who is the man trying to hunt Klaus down? Much like the Underworld movie series, it can be an unpredictable justification for why vampires and werewolves are allowed to roam free in the world without some form of government or higher power running the show. Ergo, it could be: The Pure Original (not a vampire), an Angel from a different show, a shapeshifter from a different show, A powerful Witch/hunter or it could be a member of that nasty "Authority" I keep hearing about. Some credence to this authority matter is that in both True-Blood and Being Human the "Authority" they tends to be in a position of political and forceful power. Katherine is... under-used? Over-used? Used perfectly well? I love Katherine, but these moments of Katherine shows that she tends to hide in plain sight a lot. On the other hand, Isobel loved using minions. Elijah loved attacking head-on like a knight. Klaus loves being menacing and cruel. Caroline crying about her father: Understandable, or a total overreaction? Daddy complexes...mmm... I'm staying away from this...

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