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Katherine doesnt get enough credit. Yeah, she's MIA a lot...but people seem to completely disregard how vital she was last season. From episode one of season two, by killing Caroline she attained the first 'ingredient' for the sacrifice (or so she thought)....then, she made sure a werewolf was present (sending mason to find the moonstone, ...and remember who's responsible for mason triggering his curse? Yepp. Katherine) When Mason was gone, she triggered Tyler's curse. So....components of the sacrifice Caroline gets credit for: Werewolf. Vampire (yeah, she called Jenna she gets credit for that as well). Moonstone. I think that makes her pretty important. All those cute Tyler x Caroline moments wouldnt happen if they hadnt been turned/trigged a curse. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even when it doesnt seem like Katherine's doing much as far as big crazy gestures, she is definitely pulling some important strings in Mystic Falls.


I love how Eric and Dan reacted to the last question :) for the record, if my daddy had done that to me, I would cry my eyes out. Girls do that, you know.

Granted, maybe Bill loves Caroline in a twisted way, but come on. He honestly thought he could cure her from vampirism? Train her like a dog? Did that ever actually work?

It's hard to decide on a favourite scene this week. I loved every scene with Klaus, everything from the '20s and everything wih Forewood. But I think I will go with this sweet little chat between Damon and Nick :) when the witch stepped in and Klaus went "really?", I almost fell from my chair :)


1. Fav scene! Klaus stabbing Becca, choosing between me or him! Ur betray U die ! ! It was so fast but so emotional! Ur live with me or die by me!
2. He was a Looner! The one who couldn't be killed and the one who was an outsider! And he wants some new familliaries, to create a line of his sons! But maybe there different reasons!
3.Antagonist! I think they'll make it the ying yang way! Everyone has his antidote and they will show him as that! And of course he is immortal, cause Klaus is haunted a long time and he is still on the run!
4.Katarina Petrova is amazing! She is a character who works just for her interest! She cares only for herself, and maybe for the brothers(big Maybe)! She is probably working with the bad bad man and she knows she won't rest til Klause is dead cause he wants her dead or to be his slave!
5.great! It shows her being great and emotional! Everyone said there is a switch too turn it of(the emotions), she didn't used it! She feels everything! And don't forget she is a 17 year old girl and not emotional matured (enough)! And she felt comfortable enough to cry infront of Taylor! Love. . .


Personally I think that the purpose of the Klaus mini-me's and the Katherine story are interconnected. Remember what Katherine lined up in season two? A witch, werewolf, vampire and a moonstone... The question remains: Why? Did she know the sun and moon curse wasn't real? Did she want to break it?

I think Katherine wants to get in Mr Anonomus' (aka Mr.'the biggest baddest vampire in the history of time is petrified of me) good graces and her true purpose will soon be revealed.

I am in total and absolute shock at the Stelena break up scene. Did Stefan really never want to see her again or was he trying to protect her?
Does this leave a Delena opening? (Did anyone else notice the amp up in Delena teasers lately?)

Forwood was adorable but...YES Tyler, that really was a bad time! If not for Caroline's awesome ability to not ruin a moment that scene could have ended really badly.

Overall, I thought this week's dose was a little too potent. Without Damon and his lines the episode would have been too much.

Until next week...


What if Klaus "killed" his family and has them all boxed away as his way of protecting them from the Big Bad? Families seem to be a re-curring theme here, the founding families, the lengths they go thru to protect the ones they love...


Klaus real Father is dead. Remember his step-father hunted him down and killed him and his whole family... Starting the war between vampire's and werewolves..

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