True Blood Season Finale Clips: Mourning Tommy, Wooing Sookie

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The past will come back to haunt various characters on True Blood this Sunday.

Based on the official trailer for "And When I Die," Lafayette will be going through some serious medium business, while the following clips make it clear that both Tommy and Alcide will be affected by their pasts, in contrasting ways.

Watch below as Tommy learns key information about his brother, and then as Alcide opens up to Sookie.

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Uncle jackass

Having read the books I prefer to have the novelised Eric and Sookie together. That said, @chelsey, I agree that these days I'm getting Sic of girls always wanting the "passionate" or "ever-lasting" romance, when in reality it should be the "Boring, but Nice Guy" that should win the heart of the fair maiden. Kudos to choosing not to believe that "Nice guys finish last or not at all"


So me and friends have been doing alotttt of thinking as to who Sookie should choose for her final lover. She's had Bill, Eric ok time to pick. We would choose ALCIDE, he's the hottest, strong, trustworthy, devoted and they can grown old together. Seriously, look at his body...ah just to play with him for a while...our dream. LOL Sookie and Alcide equals PERFECT!!!


Tommy? I thought Tommy was dead! It's SAM! not TOMMY!

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