TV Ratings Report: A Very Big Bang Theory

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The Thursday night lineup on CBS got off to a bang last night. A Big Bang, we should say, as this sitcom was the most-watched show on television. Read on below for a rundown of the evening's ratings...

Big Bang Theory Premiere Scene

8 p.m.
The Big Bang Theory: 14.4 million viewers
The X Factor: 11.4 million
Charlie's Angels: 8.7 million
Community: 3.99 million/Parks & Recreation: 4.1 million
The Vampire Diaries: 2.5 million

9 p.m.
Person of Interest: 13.2 million
The X Factor: 12.7 million
Grey's Anatomy: 10.1 million
The Office: 7.6 million/Whitney: 6.7 million
The Secret Circle: 2 million

10 p.m.
The Mentalist: 13.6 million
Grey's Anatomy: 10.5 million
Prime Suspect: 5.99 million

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    I'm not sure if Grey's Anatomy's have improved much, but it's the premiere and they always have higher ratings, much like a finale.
    I look forward to Private Practice airing next week, however, I'm not sure how it's going to go against The Mentalist.


    @Matt, it'd be better if there were no major networks, just a bunch of minor networks and a lot more niche programs would get 5 seasons. If TVD was on a major network it would have been cancelled by now.


    :( The Secret Circle lost 50000 of the TVD viewers. I don't want this show cancelled
    Greys is loosing to the mentalist big time. Charlies angel had a good turnout.... Hmmm....


    Thanks Matt! It's reasuring! It's all I wanted to hear!


    @Superidole: it's normal. The CW has far lower expectations than other networks and VD is the highest rated show on there, by a wide margin.


    The Big Bang cast deserves it! They're great!
    But I am a little worried for VD, is it a normal score and low one? I don't really know the usual ratings but it seems a low, doesn't it?