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Bleh, I don't want them to bond over Nilver. Well, unless it leads back to Sixon and Navianna. LOL.


I don't know why all the writers(includin GG,90210 and many others) insists in the whole unity thing and being BFF's till death! It's unrealistic and pulles the show out of context! We all know that live isn't a field full of BFF's, it's is okay to dislike someone!


1. I understand why Adrianna went crazy. Navid pulled her out of hole she was in and helped her move on with life and when she lost what she thought was her future, she realized she had no future. I'll agree that love has it's limits, but Adrianna already lost the love of her life and then her career. Pretty sure she didn't know what crossing that certain line would cause.
2. I'm one that's is really looking for to the Addixon pairing. I'm glad that Adrianna will help Dixon, yeah, it's already been foreseen by numerous viewers since the beginning of the season, but it's a great pairing. The only thing that'll annoy me is if Navid or Silver get mad at either of them. I hate Navid and Silver together, so if they hate on Adrianna and Dixon, it'll just make me hate them more. If these two are together because they "love" one another, let two other people have their chance.
3. I actually can't wait for Adrianna to get back into singing. I'm glad that the writers are bringing back her talent, as she truly does have a great voice.
4. When it comes to getting redemption back from Silver, Navid and various other characters who are yet to forgive her, I think the most difficult is actually Naomi. I mean, there hasn't been one scene at all between them yet since the season began. So what exactly are the writers planning between these two? Nevertheless, I strongly believe that the gang will all be happily back together once the first half of the season is over.

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