90210 First Look: A Las Vegas Wedding

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The rumors will soon become a reality: Teddy will marry Ryan Rottman's Shane on an upcoming episode of 90210.

The event will take place in Las Vegas and be officiated by an Elvis impersonator, TV Guide Magazine reports, as William Keck was on the scene during shooting and has posted the following photo from the nuptials:

A 90210 Wedding

Trevor Donovan will only appear in two episodes after getting hitched, a decision he says was explained to him by producers as being based on how well his coming-out storyline was handled. He says:

"They didn't want to take anything away from it by just having me there in the background. I'm in the meat of every episode I'm in, and it's good that it's ending with a hero moment."

Will you miss Teddy when he departs? And what will you get him for a wedding gift?


I liked Teddy too, but if he has to leave I'll take Max over Austin as a regular. JMO

Sarah silva

I thought Teddy was supposed to be in more than 4 episodes and that he was not leaving for good.....that is stupid


Well Dixon and navid might be in his wedding party so they could be standing up. I wondered why he was missing after the first episode. I love this show but this season seams like its falling a part and we are only on the 5 th or 6 th episode of the season. If the show keeps going the way it is this will be its last season.


Liam and annie go back together for once Dixon go hostipal rehab then back with silver for once Navid go back togher with ade for once


I agree with Maggie


I think this is rather bizare. I always liked Teddy and Ian i guess tho. Also am a season behind still so I'll have to wait and see who these newbies are. ;D


Maybe ade is sitting next to liam hmmmm which means teddy is blocking her in the photo


I guess I never got over the whole 'coming out' thing. A character is not heterosexual for half the show and then all of the sudden wants to come out as gay. You are either gay from the beginning or make the entire story line about his struggles with coming out, not taking a 180 angle on the audience. Then again, this is 90210 where continuity and common sense aren't part of the plots. e.g. an 18 year old can own a bar, hire an 18 year old bartender, get an alcohol license in (of all places) California. Come on! Maggie


really disappointed by the way it came out! Hope Teddy has some sweet reappearences during the season!


Teddy's body is probably blocking a couple people. :P I doubt Liam's sitting by himself. I can honestly say I'm surprised how much I will miss Teddy. I went from wanting him dropped in season 2 to wanting him to stay in season 3. I'd much rather him stick around than Austin.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.