Criminal Minds to Visit St. Louis, Introduce the Former Mrs. Rossi

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Criminal Minds delivered many times over last night, airing our favorite episode of the season that made up for any complaints we may have had from the week before. Read through our critic's gushing take NOW.

Can it keep the momentum going next Wednesday?

The episode "From Childhood’s Hour” will take the team to St. Louis, where a misguided young soul is stealing children from their troubled parents. Elsewhere, look for Isabella Hoffman to guest star as Rossi's first wife. Enjoy the official CBS promo for the installment now:


The Childhood's Hour" Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, and Dr. Spencer Reid are at a Crime Scene in St. Louis.


The BAU Visit St. Louis


"The Childhood's Hour" The 4th Mrs. Rossi is named Carolyn.


"From Childhood's Hour" SSA David Rossi's 4th ex-wifes name is, Carolyn.

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To a father, nothing is dearer than a daughter - Euripides.


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