Dexter Episode Teaser: Horse of a Disturbing Color

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Will storylines converge next Sunday on Dexter?

Through three episodes, as I lamented last night, the show has set three different scenes, one at the Miami PD precinct; another within the mysterious lives of Professor Gellar and Travis; and a third tied into Dexter's latest killings and struggles. They are all operating independently for the most part so far.

But the following promo for "A Horse of a Different Color" makes it look like universes may soon be colliding. Watch now to see the department start to track the killings and to realize they are based on a warped view of religion:

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The new guy - I can't believe someone would be that sexist/dense in 2011. The writers did that for some fake tension and it fell flat. "Go get me some coffee?" And he just walked in on the job?! Even if he thought someone was yanking his chain, he would be smart enough to play along. What, another Big Bad Black Man like Season 1? shakes head. On a different note, I did not buy the jogger escaping, just to collapse down in fear so easily. More lazy writing. I miss Breaking Bad already. (Though I think the style of Gus's demise was contrived. Yeah, we know, Walking Dead is back. Keep it to yourself.)

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