Fox Sets Terra Nova Finale Date

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Terra Nova will conclude its first season run the same way it started: with a two-hour episode on December 19.

The only questioning remaining, considering the show hasn't been able to break 10 million viewers per week and is one of the most expensive on television to produce, is whether or not this will be a series finale or just a season finale. Our money is on the former.

Fox has also announced another expanded installment of The X Factor next week, along with the sad news that New Girl will not return until November 1. Until then, you can at least crack yourself up via our section of New Girl quotes.

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I love Terra Nova. I am fed up with fox. You have been cancelling shows that we would like to se renewed. Not just Terra nova but several in the last couple of years. Most of tv is awful so are most of your shows. The only ones we like you have canceled. You need to get some people on your staff that know what the public like. Your decisions suck!


Last nights 2 hour episode was awesome! I admit that after a few episodes early on I was wondering if the show would last. If they put as much action and story lines like last nights show into future episodes they'll have no problem having more seasons!!


I absolutely LOVE this show and will be pissed if Fox cancels it after getting me hooked.


I am ready for a second season. Fox give it a chance! This show does have potential you just gotta give it a chance to go on. I want to know what happens next, I mean all of a sudden there is the prow of an 18th century ship found?!?! I'm thinking bermuda triangle, maybe? I want to see what happens next!!


Such a great show I hope it goes on for along time.


Terra Nova WHAT A SHOW! Such a great change form all the idiotic reality junk. I haven't been this enthusiastic for a series since The Star Treks (Any of them), Firefly, and ... yeah nothing else is worth turning on the tv for at all. TV executives are their own worst enemy. They take great solid show and do everything they can to sabotage and ruin it. Take Enterprise, take Firefly, and hopefully they will step back and let the producers call the shots. It's what made Star Trek NG such a solid hit which now we are not seeing anything reach a second season. Terra Nova will be a hit if they let them flesh it out and make it an involving world.


I really enjoy this show!! I hate getting into a new show and then never seeing it again!! Give it a chance!! The more you keep cutting shows, the harder it will be to get high turn outs on your ratings. If you want people to watch, keep it on longer!!


Fans brought Star Trek back when it was cancelled, maybe the same can happen here.




Sanket should learn to spell... personally, I had stopped watching Fox all together for the last 3 years. Terra Nova brought me back. I Hope they decide not to cancel it, but they probably will.. It's all about money.