Fringe Round Table: "One Night In October"

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Welcome to another edition of the Fringe Round Table, featuring our critic, Carissa Pavlica and her partners in supernatural crime, staff writers Sean McKenna and Nick McHatton.

This week, we explore why Peter is reaching out to Walter and what it might be like to know about an alternate universe. Let's dig in to "One Night in October."


Will the two Olivias ever be friends?

Sean: I think something might allow them to be friends down the road, but the only reason the two can manage to be in the room together now is for the cases alone. There is too much distrust between them and it’s going to take something dramatic to get them on the same page. Peter perhaps?

Nick: Maybe, but it's hard to project when that might actually happen. They both can't stand each other and they only minimally trust each other. That being said there felt like was some silent reconciliation between them when Fauxlivia learned of Olivia's troubled childhood.

Carissa: I wish they would. When the worlds come back to normal, and Faux and her Lincoln are happy and raising Peter's baby and daddy Peter and Olivia babysit...wait. None of that sounds like it will make a good friendship, as much as I'd love to see it.

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Will Lincoln and Olivia become more than Fringe partners?

Sean: I’m not sure if the show plans to bring them together, but they certainly have some chemistry. I’m preparing for them to hookup and then for fallout after Peter returns. Oh, to be involved in a TV love triangle.

Nick: I'm definitely siding with Sean on this one. While Peter is gone Lincoln really is filling in the void left by him and along with that comes an emotional connection. If they do become something more, I'm once more looking forward to how Peter's reintegration will come about.

Carissa: When Astrid hinted at the idea, Olivia only shot it down because she thought she would hurt him. Alt-Lincoln already loves Fauxlivia, so it makes sense they would connect on this side, as well. Peter better hurry back or he'll be left with only Walter to love!

Is it a good idea for a “normal” person to know about the two universes, let alone cross over?

Sean: At this point? No. I think this episode proved that there is too much to worry about, especially for safety reasons. As much as there could be a peaceful relation and knowledge of both sides, someone (maybe even more dangerous than Walternate?) would find a way to create problems. It’s too soon to hand out that information.

Nick: With the way things turned out in this episode that information should probably be kept under wraps completely. It feels like that information would cause a lot of mass hysteria for people, it's a living example of what would happen had you made different choices.

Carissa: No. I immediately think of criminals. How easy it would be to go to the other side on a crime spree and blame your alternate. Or, steal their lover. It's all nefarious.

How would you feel if you knew there was an alternate you?

Sean: It would be weird knowing there was someone like me, but different. It would also make me curious with questions and a desire to know more. Has that me made the same mistakes I’ve made? Which one is better? Do we both watch Fringe?

Nick: It would be kind of awesome to meet my alternate self, unless he is better than me. Then we would have some problems! See? This is a round table and I'm already proving that people shouldn't know about alternate universes!

Carissa: Yes. I would hope that we made manhy of the same choices so I wouldn't be disappointed in me, but it would be cool to have a twin. We could toss down some brews and talk about our alternate good old days.

How come Walter is the primary person that sees and hears Peter? Why not Olivia?

Sean: I guess I always assumed Peter would call out to Olivia, much like he was able to do when she was trapped on the other side without her memory. So, as much as I think Peter and Olivia's connection would be the strongest, it's probably Walter because he is the only one that can actually physically do anything about the situation. Will people believe him though? He already acts crazy enough as it is.

Nick: I would like to think the main reasons Walter can see Peter and not Olivia are blood ties, Walter's ability to do something about it, and his childlike curiosity. Only Walter isn't skeptical enough to dismiss this type of mind bending contact and have the ability to do something about it. If the knowledge that his son is alive makes its way to him, Walter would do everything in his power to get him back. He's done it once before after all.

Carissa: I agree it's because Walter's mind is still fragile and childlike. There are even pieces missing. Maybe those pieces are what keep others from seeing him. In any case, it's Walter to whom Peter is struggling to reach, so he must know Walter is his best bet for survival.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


I for one have loved the addition of Lincoln Lee. In both universes but especially "over there" with Faux and Scarlie. As for the Peter /Olivia relationship, I agree completely with Joshua Jackson's feelings towards it actually. Never really felt it until the last half of season 3. On the other hand I felt the alt-Lincoln / Fauxlivia relationship right away. Maybe Anna Torv and Seth Gavel have better chemistry together.


It took 3 years to get Peter and Olivia together and now 3 episodes to get her together with Lincoln?


The bond between Olivia and Lincoln will probably be more soulmates shared background, or like the altversions.I love the chemistry between Anna and Seth.
Peter never contacted Olivia on the other side, it was her imagination, not his doing, so logically it is not now either.John Scott was because of his memories in her.
I am surprised that so-called fans of the show on several boards I read do not understand that this is a different time line, events happened differently etc and are not willing to go along.Calling Alt-Broyles a plo-hole? As if writers who pay so much attention to detail forgot that.
Fringe is so much more then Olivia/Peter or Walter/Peter, is is about how lives are influenced by choices and events.
Big mistake in the promotion: from the final on it was all about peter and Jackson , it should have been about the themes. So now we have Pacey fans all over shouting where is Pacey/Peter.
For me this Olivia is far more interesting then the one with Peter, she now gets to have a friendship with Astrid, caringly bonds with Walter, opens up about abuse etc, smiles, has more a spring in her step,has moved on with her life beause she did kill her stepfather, instead of being haunted by him. Peter only made her insecure, dependent , especially since 3.10.
So for that reason I would not mind a new boyfriend for Olivia, what about Frank?
And Anna Torv's acting is beyond awesome.


this is not a drama series, so a love triangle Olivia/Faulixia/Peter is enough!! they should focus on the Fringe team investigations, shapeshifters...Lincoln is just a temporarily replacement for Peter's absence!! don't make him too arrogant!! Peter's one of the three leading roles on Fringe apart from Olivia and Walter!!


I agree with Noah. Too many love triangles would hurt the show, enough with that. Plus it's so obvious that Olivia and Peter are meant to be. Fate/Destiny whatever you want to call it. Just let them be and move on with the story. Just Saying.


I hope Linclon prime and Fauxlivia raise Henry too.


I for one would hate it if they pushed Lincoln and Olivia together. I feel like this is the kind of tv show that would be hurt rather than benefit from a love triangle of that nature, however much I love them in other shows. I always feel like I like them more in comedies, and I feel like when I watch Fringe I'm never thinking about what else could be put between the characters to keep them apart but that they are obviously meant to be together and their dimension-crossing love is what keeps storylines strong. Plus I wouldn't want to see Lincoln shot down, I love that dude. Maybe an Astrid/Lee romance should be a-brewin', I would totally be on board for that.


1. No.
2. Possibly.
3. No.
4. Many different reactions.
5. I agree with the panel consensus.


Personally, i think Alt lincoln is more Olivia's type or even Alt Frank. Blue lincoln is way too geeky and constipated face for our Olivia. I do think judging by the episodic photos released for 4x04 that olivia may have a date with someone and the episode also has a D content rating aka suggestive dialogue is present. Plus, she has a fancy new dress hanging on the screen in the background of her bedroom for this ep, Maybe her date is what precipitates Peter trying to contact her from the other side;)

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