Gossip Girl Caption Contest 178

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Welcome to the 178th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! So who won this week's edition?

Your Caption Contest winner this week is leanne. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to kittiwitti and Aquariuz. Thanks to everyone, as always, for playing and best of luck once again next week!

S Back in NYC

"Is this the I.T department? Hi, yes, I need your help ... the computer is telling me I have to press any key to continue and I can't seem to find the any key on the keyboard."

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Serena: Blair, I do not want to repeat this again! Only call me when the problem concerns me, it must be about me!


Blake: Hey is this Penn's mother? He is a jerk!


blake: is that alan ball ? this is blake livley .... yes it is me in the pictures, oh why thankyou.... yes they are real.. i was ringing you to see if i can have a part in true blood ... yes i am on gossip girl but they gave my character a job i mean im a lead character and they havent even give me a decent storyline in two seasons , im willing to do full frontal and sex scenes as well


serena: oooh nate looks hot in his facebook profile picture and i havent had sex for almost a whole season (dials number) hey nate this a booty call meet me at my apartment in 20 minuets (thinking hes so easy)


Serena: What are you saying?
Unknown caller: Look at your story-line right now, total throw-away. If it weren't for the opening credits of this show they would've ditched you ages ago.


Serena: I have told you to stop calling me! i am not Sabrina the Teenage Witch!


Serena :What do you mean I gained 5 pounds. That is just preposterous.
Tech Support guy: did you just use a big word? You're getting smarter Serena.
Serena: oh my gosh, I can see my reflection in the phone screen!
Tech guy: spoke too soon.


Serena: What do you mean whit "my computer is not a touch screen?"


Serena: Sir, are you there?
Caller: Yes, Serena.
Serena: I succeed in dialing your number, genius of me, I know. So, can you tell me how to start having a conversation with you using this telephone?
Caller: ...


Serena: is that the I.T department? I think my computer has a virus again .. I.T technician: Have you been looking at porn sites again miss van der woodsen? Serena: (sounds ashamed) I bored and I was on my lunch hour I won't do it again. I.T technician: That's what you said last time

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