Gossip Girl Promo: Dan Drops the G-Bomb!

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"Memoirs of an Invisible Dan."

That's gotta be Top Five all time in terms of Gossip Girl episode titles, and it's certainly an appropriate one, given the bombshells about to be dropped by the ultimate Upper East Side outsider in Inside.

Bombshells with creative liberties, of course. He apparently made one of our favorite characters gay, while possibly embellishing the extent of his romantic dealings with Blair Waldorf. Uh oh ...

If Lonely Boy felt like he was out the outs with the in crowd while writing this acclaimed novel, imagine what he'll feel like now that it's out in the open, with his name affixed to the book jacket.

To sound off on the events of last night's episode, "The Jewel of Denial," follow the link to read and comment on our Gossip Girl review. Then check out the promo for next week below ...

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Next week sounds fun. Nate is gay and Dan had sex with Blair in his book? LMAO! Of course, Dan would do that.


The only way Dan will ever get with Queen B is in his imagination. She sounded horrified at the idea of sex with Dan. Classic B. Love it.


next week is gonna be FUN! btw I really don't think Dan and Blair had sex at all... it's all his wishful thinking! that's probably why she sounded so outraged and mad. she's gonna kill him :D
and Nate as the gay one?? LOL you sure didn't go for the obvious Humphrey!


next episode sounds like so much fun..i cant wait ti see ppl's reactions and dan's defense to it..im sure there'll be none..and i like the fact how chuck looks so amused by it all...


Hit em' hard Humphrey!! :)

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