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Last night on Gossip Girl, Dan dug himself a hole with everyone he's close to. As our Gossip Girl review discusses at length, no one was spared, and he will be picking up the pieces for weeks to come.

Turning our attention to next Monday, Blair and Louis celebrate Yom Kippur with family and friends, but find themselves immersed in another power struggle with Louis' family. Ah, royal romances.

Meanwhile, Serena's boss - who's dead set on acquiring the movie rights to Inside - puts Ms. van der Woodsen in the tough position of choosing between her new job and her relationship with Dan.

Having brought Ivy into the fold, Diana prepares to debut the New York Spectator. When the launch hits a snag and is delayed, Diana expects her #1 minion, Nate, to do what it takes to save the day.

What do you think she has up her sleeve? Will Blair's infamous envelope rear its scandalous head again next week? Check out the promo for "The Fasting and the Furious" here and comment below:

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oh please is so obviously that the father of Blair's baby is Chuck and not louis, she just lied to Chuck so it could not have her dream of being princess will not be ruin,wich is so wrong and selfish of her to do and she lied to Louis for that same reason and that she does not wanna hurt him, she knows that there will be some bad consequences like Louis eventualy getting heartbroken and hurt poor guy and Chuck will be happy that Blair is gonna have his baby but he is gone upset and hurt for Blair not telling him the truth in the first place, Blair still loves and always Chuck and not over him even if she tries, and Chuck still loves Blair even if he tries to get over her, I know Blair and Chuck will be together before this year is over, you all will see.


ivy dickens Story is Alive now... her story in gossip girl is Great... but she is too cute girl.. she even isnt that dangerous.. she is just get used by people sometime. especially DIANA PAYNE.. ivy VS diana?? is a not competition.. diana payne is so SMart sexy and Dangerous! i think Ivy should call GEORGINA Numbers to ask her help THE UES kids and Her to confront Diana payne.
Georgina spakrs VS diana payne ? awesome!


It's Chuck's! Blair took the pregnancy test before she had sex with Louis, right?
Or she had sex with him in one of the final episodes of the last season and I don't remember?


It's Louis's baby. Blair just didn't want anyone to see the envelope so that he couldn't see that she was questioning who the father was. Then he'd know she slept with Chuck while she was still with him.


I hate Louis and it doesn't make any sense for them to be together. Even when they first met it was awkward. He's such a wimp...I don't even think it's possible for him to impregnate someone.


@Nice Hat Why are you so angry? :-(


Please, let it be Louis' baby. It would be frankly too obvious and predictable if it's Chuck's. Surprise us a little GG writers!


@Dexter Idolizer - I could not agree more!!!


I think it is Louie's baby unfortunately, unless he actually manages to resist opening the envelope. If he doesn't open it, then that changes everything. (It's obviously not Dan's, last I checked you had to have sex to get pregnant)
But the fact that Blair had a paternity test done will be enough for Louie to know she slept with someone else in the same timeframe.


Oh hell just watched thiss shit hyperventilating over here ! Louis has blairs confidential letter in his hands! :O even tho I just want him goneeee I don't want Blair to face the consequences if the name aint LOUIS GRIMALDI in there !

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