Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: My Office is Where I Am!

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After another strong episode last week in "Take the Lead," Grey's Anatomy airs its much-anticipated all-boys installment this coming Thursday. One of the boys in question? New Chief Owen Hunt.

In a clip released on Access Hollywood, Owen lays down the law with Bailey about how it's gonna be with him in charge, and suffice it to say, some of his new policies may not go over smoothly.

Check out the brief sneak peek from "What Is It About Men" and comment below:

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I'm actually quite excited for Grey's all boys episode. Sounds interesting. And fun. Men are just hilarious. I think Owen is going to be a very different Chief. I mean, he's taking out a bunch of stuff out of his office. And at first, he's trying to get Bailey on his side like Callie suggested he should. But it looks like he realized that he's the Chief and he shouldn't really try to win her over. It's still better to have Bailey on his side though. Well, can't wait for the rest of the season. Webber grew on me. It's amazing what he would do for Mer.


so great to see the angry and controlling bailey back! she has a right to be mad at meredith (she taught her babies better) and i think she has a right to be mad at the chief as well. she was the chief's right hand man (or in this case woman) and im pretty sure the chief said she would be the one to replace him eventually. im guessing that she hasnt been an attending long enough to become the chief...otherwise bailey would rock it.


Sorry, I didn't mean to double post that :(


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Just read that Mer is gonna get blackballed by the other surgeons now she's not on Der's service anymore. Talk about making a character go through a rough patch. It makes sense but what a waste cos Mer's a great surgeon, but a very flawed person


We just launched a new Grey's Anatomy trivia game for the iPhone! Please check it out and let us know what you think!


I don't know what about you guys, bailey annoys me with her behavior!
I mean yeah, she's right about being mad and all that, and don't get me wrong I adore her and her character is so freakin' funny, but she really needs to get over herself! she thinks she deserves everything, but she doesn't. I'm sure Richard didn't pick her to be be the chief for a reason, and poor Owen is not to blame.


Haha. Bailey obviously has some issues to get over.