Hart of Dixie Review: Losing Inhibitions, Shirts

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Editor's note: I will try my hardest to review "In Havoc & In Heat" without making a single reference to Nellie and how it was getting hot on Hart of Dixie this week, so the residents of Bluebell took off almost all their clothes.

I will also attempt to do so as a heterosexual male, which could prove to be a challenge considering this episode was clearly aimed a certain female demographic that might enjoy watching Cress Williams and/or Wilson Bethel walk around for 40 minutes without a shirt on. Hmmm.... I wonder if anyone out there like that exists.

Getting Hot in Here

Overall, I enjoyed the antics of this Alabama heat wave, as everything around the edges of the episode was a blast.

Zoe was on fire with her retorts (I'm guessing that's a rhetorical question. I'm also guessing you don't know what rhetorical means); the chemistry between her and Wade was stronger than ever; and you've gotta appreciate the shout-out to Wonder Woman as Zoe was trying on seductive outfits (Rachel Bilson has long been rumored as a candidate to take on that iconic figure if a movie were ever made).

But I have a major problem with one key element at the center of the episode: Lemon Breeland. Specifically, in this case, the relationship between her and Lavon.

Is anyone out there feeling it? I've been given no reason to believe these two were ever a couple. Lavon is charismatic, friendly, social, a world-traveler from his days playing football. Lemon, through four episodes? She's rude, selfish, spoiled, narrow-minded. Heck, I barely even buy her engagement to George, who is as understanding of others as Lemon is short-tempered.

Hart of Dixie is making me laugh when it wants to, but it's not bringing up any other emotion. I watched Lavon cry and almost kiss Lemon with a look of bewilderment on my face, not with any tears welling up in my eyes. Expand Lemon's character, writers, or her heartfelt moments will never resonate.

It's a problem the show has in other areas, as well. Too many characters are one-dimensional. No mother-in-law-to-be in the history of mankind has ever acted as overtly and repetitively rude as George's mom, for instance. This was a chance to soften Lemon a bit, but Mrs. Tucker was painted in such a broad, over-the-top stroke that I didn't take any of her scenes seriously.

Still... I watch. And I mostly enjoy. Zoe and Brick have developed a fun rivalry and, hey, it's not like Bilson - always a hoot - didn't wear a revealing dress of her own this week. There was some eye candy there for my gender, too.

If the goal, as has been stated multiple times by cast and crew members, is to make Bluebell a place in which I'd like to reside, that goal has been accomplished. Just keep me away from Lemon while I'm there. She pretty much sucks.


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All I have to say is that I love the show so far. I don't care if it is predictable, and bla bla bla... it's the kind of show I like, and right now, I feel more excited to see this show than gossip girl or any other. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. XO from Spain.


Oh, I forgot!!! I would really like to know the music from the show. It has some really nice tunes!


I hope Zoe and Wade end up falling in love, it would a waste for them to just be a fling and I am afraid Zoe will overlook him. If she ends up with George it would be so boring and predictable.


I have to be honest I really wasn't into the show that much when it first started I just stuck around b/c I needed a Summer Roberts fix.But after that heatwave this town of Blue Bell has grown on me and I can't wait to see what happens next. I would love to see Zoe hook up with Wade & Lavon there would be so much drama Zoe destorying thier bromance. And I think George and Lemon belong together they are both so boring, George is basically perfect goodlooking, great job, nice to everyone, and I bet he got a great throwing arm (Shout to Jason Street fans) but I think when there is no sexual tension between he and Zoe their relationship would be boring to watch.


I'm liking the chemistry between Zoe and Wade, but I know that Lemon and Levon will end up together in the end, leaving George single and out for grabs with Zoe spiraling into a love triangle. Call my crazy, but I know my TV shows and I already see this coming.


Holy smokes, Wade is one beautiful man! I obviously enjoyed this episode because I hardly mind seeing that man with no shirt on for almost the entirety of the episode. Seriously though, when Zoe stopped herself from doing nasty thyings to him, I almost fell off the couch screaming. These 2 need to hook up because THEIR sexual tension is making ME want to explode. On the topic of Lemon, I agree that she needs more depth and at this point, I zone out of any scenes that involve her. Even when she went through all the trouble to impress George's parents, I had no sympathy for her at all. Also, her accent is so bothersome. I kind of enjoy the slow-burn they have going with Wade and Zoe but please writers, let it happen soon.


Maybe I'm the only one, but I love the idea of Zoe and George. Sure Wade is fun, but she could fall in love with George and make a life with him, I don't see that happening with Wade. And you can totally tell George has a thing for Zoe. I love this show! So happy to see it got a full season and hope it gets more. I actually didn't get to see this episode last night because of some sports thing that came on instead in my area, but the episode airs Saturday and I can't wait to see it.


I love Lemon B.! the chemistry with Lavon is so believable, he puts her back to the ground.


The chemistry between Zoe and Wade is so insane that I will probably explode if they don't hook up soon. I loved seeing that different element of Zoe. Shelley is providing some really good side humour too! The Lemon-Lavon almost kiss scene was just bizarre, although it did further spark my curiousity as to their past. I kind of felt it was teasing at a way to tear Lemon and George apart.


i agreed!!Lemon's so annoying!! she's and her father're so selfish!! i have no idea why both George and Levon have feelings for her!! they should think again!! why? there's another super hot doctor in town named Zoey!! she's so lovely, humble and caring!! i love seeing more scene of Zoey/Wade!! super cute chemistry between them!!

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