James McCaffrey to Play Divorce Attorney on Revenge

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James McCaffrey has been cast in a role on Revenge that might shed light on an upcoming storyline.

The actor, most recently seen on Rescue Me as Jimmy Keefe, will debut in January as Ryan Huntley, the divorce attorney representing Lydia's husband. Does this mean Victoria's nemesis will eventually awaken from her coma?

As you might expect - this is Revenge, after all - the character will have a complicated background and motives that go beyond his professional duties.

Revenge, meanwhile, airs a new episode this Wednesday. Check out the official promo for "Charade" above and remember to stay current every week with our Revenge Round Table.


Awsome show just get better and better. Love emily vancamp ever since one of my all time favorite shows b4 lost and the vampire diaries, "everwood" i was sad when it was unexpectedly canceled after a few seasons but glad 2 see back in a great role w more depth and much more grown up even then her character in brothers in sisters which i also liked.

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