Lisa Edelstein on The Good Wife: First Look!

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As evidenced by the conclusion of this week's episode of The Good Wife, Will Gardner has enough problems these days when it comes to his work life colliding with his personal life.

But things won't get any easier for the attorney on next Sunday's "Get a Room," as Lisa Edelstein debuts in the role of Celeste, a woman from Will's past. Elsewhere, Eli and Diane disagree over how to manage a dairy company's PR disaster.

Check out the official CBS trailer now:


Alicia deserves to have a hot fling with Will ! That does not mean she has stopped loving the son of a bitch she married! Yes his mom's a bitch! He cheated and put the wedge in the marriage! And Glinda is an ass ! Parents can love their children but have difficulty loving each other . All of us learn sooner or later that life isn't perfect! Hopefully Alicia will have good sex with Will, dump him and start loving herself, forgive her husband and herself then that will be happy ever after! And watching the roller coaster of getting there makes fun for watchers!!!!


I don't understand the thinking of people all along in this series, since its inception over two years ago, that Will Gardner is some kind of angel from heaven sent to Alicia. He has shown since the beginning that he is indeed capable of being a douchebag. He has always been a two faced, double dealing snake who first of all looks out for number one (Will Gardner). How does anyone who pays attention not see this. Is it just rose colored glasses that some choose to look through because they are so set on a happily ever after romance/life for Alicia with Will? How could anyone have watched the final scene of the Oct 2 episode between Will and Diane and still think he is Alicia's soul mate somehow. He is either double dealing Diane or Alicia, and probably both. As for the kids, Zack obviously felt his father wronged his mother. What do you think he would feel if he knew his mother was also cheating. And she is, she is still married for whatever reason, it is still her choice not to seek an immediate divorce. Those who think kids of this age can understand their mother and father both being cheaters are wrong. THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Does everyone forget how idealistic they were even in their twenties, about true love and marriage??


The Georgetown suppose romance that didn't take place went down the drain a long time ago, what we see now is pure lust and revenge which will come back and bite her in the Ass.


Alicia better not leave Will or backout because of her kids!! P.S. Will better not be a major doochebag!
if he cheats on alicia,there will be sum very upset fans and the whole "georgetown" romance thing will go down the drain

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