Penn Badgley: Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair are "Soulmates"

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Penn Badgley is a pretty down-to-earth guy - he says he does not consider being on Gossip Girl a "driving passionate force in life" - but he sure has a strong opinion about one particular topic.

Asked by Nylon Magazine, which has a long interview with him in its new issue, who his character Dan Humphrey is meant to be with, the 24-year-old actor answered without hesitation:

"Blair, actually. Definitely. I think Blair is Dan’s soul mate."

Yup, he went there. He continues in detail:

Dair Sleeping Together

"I don’t know if they’re ever going to get together, but I’ll tell you that I’ve never enjoyed any scenes on the show as much as those scenes with Leighton Meester, on a strictly intellectually as an actor. There’s a whole other thing - like everything that happened early on in the show, like the obvious Dan and Serena stuff ... that moved me in a different way for obvious reasons, but strictly as an actor, those scenes with Blair are the best."

There's no denying that Gossip Girl's decision to transform the Dan-Blair dynamic into something at least quasi-romantic over the past year has been controversial. But do you agree with Penn?

Has it been worth it? We know they've kissed, and they maybe even had sex, depending on the truthfulness of he wrote in his book (see Gossip Girl promos and clips for Monday's episode).

Most people enjoy the interplay of "Dair" scenes to a degree, but some feel that Blair belongs with someone else we know, and that her character would never realistically date Dan Humphrey.

Are they destined to be together forever in the romantic sense, or at least explore that side of their relationship further? Or should/will they stay friends? Vote in our poll and comment below!

Are Dan and Blair soulmates?

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Hellloooo CHAIR FOR LIFE!!!!!! Chuck and Blair together are the only reason i watch this show! They're made for eachother! Im only on season 4 and i accidentally found out dan and blair date and I'm SOOOOOO PISSED!!!!! There is no way dan and blair would date, they are nothing alike! Chuck has been there since the beginning CHAIR are soulmates. And lol at everyone who thought DAIR were soulmates cause i already know chuck and blair GET MARRIED in season 6. IM JUST SO PISSED THEYRE WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS UNREALISTIC DAIR CRAP!!!! Im dreading season 5!!! CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR


Chair forever


Althoug I thinkand hope Chair is endgame, and believe they are soulmates, I think that Dair will be endgame for the season at least. They are really cute.


This show, whilst highly unbelievable, is a happy escape for many young women, including myself. Accordingly the writers have a duty to their audience. To script Blair to end up with Chuck is irresponsible and despicable. This was a highly toxic, abusive relationship in which the 'woman' was made out to be a commodity. Sure, it was alluring to watch, but only because so many women are masochistic. Dan represents what a good woman deserves; an intellectual equal; a caring, supportive, adoring partner. From the far reaches of my most sensible self to the most ridiculous and romantic, this pairing still wins out. And the thought of writers encouraging women the world over to consider the different dynamics between an abusive and a supportive relationship is what I hope they are aiming to do. Long story short; Dan and Blair. Anything else would set a young generation of GG-watching women back in emotional maturity, and have us believe in the worst for ourselves.


cmon, Dan & Blair are soulmates. period. no chuck, no louie to intrude on this perfect relationship. i just love him tailing her around, wrapping his arms around her whenever she needs comfort. i wish it'll be there time now!


Personally I think blair and Dan or blair and louis make better sense. Why bring back blair and chuck when their relationship was base on problem. I like how they finally ended the relationship why bring it all back it make no sense. When blair and chuck was going out it was boring, it was alway the same drama over and over again. She deserve to be happy with someone who wouldn't sale her for a hotel.


Well I think Blair and Dan are totally soulmates and I think they belong together. I think Gossip Girl is more interesting now because of Dan and Blair. Chuck and Blair were also a nice couple just like Serena and Dan but I feel Dan and Blair are more connected. I'd love nothing more than to see Dan and Blair together, I think that would be a very powerful couple. And I think most people watch Gossip Girl now because they're curious about Dan and Blair. And about this Louis character can he disappear already...


DAIR DAIR DAIR please it's the only reason i still whatching gg!!!! they're perfect together! She is herself with him! Chair doesn't deserve her anymore! She need a man like Dan in order to keep getting better!


DAN & BLAIR are soulmates :) just Dair


@Paula siptarko jebi se

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