Ringer Reunion: Amber Benson to Guest Star on CW Drama

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The CW has staged a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion.

Amber Benson, who starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar on that iconic hit as Tara Maclay, will guest star on episode 10 of Ringer, TV Guide reports. The actress will portray Mary Curtis, a stripper/informant for Nestor Carbonell's Agent Machado.

Ringer has been struggling in the ratings, despite an especially strong episode this week.

Let's hope the appearance of Benson - who has also appeared on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Supernatural - helps turn things around.


We should do something to save this show! I don't know what, but whatever it is. I will do it. I love SMG and I totally want to continue seeing her in primetime!


Such great news! I love Amber Benson! :D


I am in total agreement with Pat and hope the show is given a chance to gather an audience because CW pitched it against a tough show to beat: NCIS - Los Angeles. We were faithful followers of 'Smallville' and are faithful followers of 'Supernatural' (altho the story line for this season has me wondering if the writers' want to keep the series going). With the exception of 'Ringer', I find the CW to be the wanna-be-network of 'tweens. The age range in my home is 21 yrs to 74 yrs.


I really hope more people start watching Ringer. It's such a good show and SMG is such a talented actress. Please people start watching. You will love this show!!

Kitanishi h mcdonald



I wasn't sure if I could get into this show or not, when they were just doing the ad's for new shows. BUT, the first episode hooked me and I would hate for it to go down the drain. I cannot wait to find out why Siobhan is trying to "kill herself off". I did love the look on her face this past week when she did the home pregnancy test.....it was priceless!


I hope that this ratings pick up for this series and it doesn't go down the road of so many other good series that weren't given enough of a chance and got cancelled, as I am really enjoying it.Sometimes these companies have to give to give some of these programs a bit longer, a second series or something, I remember when they were going to cancel Cagney & Lacey, but because the British viewers petitioned so much it was kept on, the rest is history. There was also another series over here called Only Fools & Horses, which was nearly cancelled after one series, it was given another chance and became one of the favourite programs over here.

Anna maria

ringer should change channels, it could appeal toa much larger demographic if it wasn't on the cw!

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