Ringer Review: What Did Henry Do?

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Wow! I seem to say that a lot after watching Ringer.

With a title like "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch," though, I knew the episode would be good -  but I never expected the ending and that's what makes this show so much fun.

Cause for Celebration?

What did Henry do?!? When Andrew showed up at his door and Henry had that wild look in his eyes, you knew something was horribly wrong.

This show did such a great job of maintaining the mystery. There was obviously a fight. A bad one. Broken glass on the floor and blood on the wall said nothing good happened here. But where was Gemma? We didn't see her body. Is she dead or alive?

But let's rewind to the beginning. None of the characters on Ringer are saints, that's for sure. That's also increasingly entertaining.

Gemma found out Henry had an affair with Siobhan. That would be shocking enough, but then to find out Siobhan isn't Siobhan? That would send anyone's head spinning. Instead of coming clean with everyone and exposing Bridget, she decided to blackmail her instead.

Gemma was hurt and angry. That video of Henry and Siobhan clinking champagne glasses behind their spouses backs would have infuriated me, too. She's been betrayed by her husband and best friend but forcing Bridget to sleep with Henry was a little sickening.

There was one small detail that bothered me. Gemma noticed that Bridget lacked the burn scar on her wrist that Siobhan would have had. Wouldn't Andrew notice the same thing? The only explanation I could come up with was that it was something recent and Gemma was there when she got the burn. Being that Siobhan and Andrew were on the outs, perhaps he never noticed it in the first place.

On the home front, Andrew threatened to send Juliette to public school. Gasp! I guess the teen would be horrified.

At least now we found out why Juliette hates Siobhan so much. She blames her for the breakup of her parents' marriage. Thankfully, Bridget did the right thing and took the blame. She could use Juliette as an ally and if she makes headway with the girl, Andrew will only love her more.

I felt bad for Malcolm's predicament. It's never fun to watch someone being tortured but I wish I felt more of a connection to the character. Whether Malcolm lives or dies really doesn't matter to me as we've never gotten to know him.

Back to Gemma: She was right on one count. Bridget may tell herself she's doing this to help Siobhan's family but the reality is she's in this mess to save herself.

If she could keep the secret, do you think she'd ever walk away from Siobhan's life? A handsome husband who loves her and money to burn could be enticing reasons to become Siobhan indefinitely.

I was almost proud of Henry when he said he wasn't willing to live the lie any longer. It would have been refreshing to see him man up, end the marriage and move on with his life. Of course, my pride was short lived once I saw the blood on the wall.

So what's your guess? Is Gemma dead or alive? What did you think of Ringer's latest game changer? Get your first look at next week's follow-up episode NOW.


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@Intrigued: I like that theory! However, knowing Ringer, we're going to expect something really crazy!


My feeling is that maybe Gemma is trying to kill two birds with one stone: end her own misery and get back at her husband. I think she may have turned up at home, rung Andrew to call him round, and then kill herself trying to frame Henry for her murder in the process. There may have been a deliberate scuffle to ensure her blood was on Henry and his fingerprints were all over her. I hope it's not as simple as Henry killing Gemma, or what I have theorised above, as that would make it too predictable. The intriguing thing about this new series is that you have NO idea about which way they could be taking this...


Considering Gemma is a recurring character, I think she'll stay dead. After all, she was going to tell Andrew the truth! If she wasn't, why would she have called him? No idea why Henry attacked/killed her when they could have worked things out. She seemed to come around before, but I guess his heart was never going to be in it every again.
As for Bridget, I understand why she told Gemma, as either way she going to be trapped. However, she would have had a better chance at staying as Siobhan instead of revealing the truth. Although, I understand why she did tell her. Nevertheless, Gemma was right about something; Bridget is really being selfish. She's looking out for herself, not anyone else. Yeah, she's cleaning up Siobhan's mess, which is rather ironic, as Siobhan was always cleaning up hers, but regardless of that, she's only looking out for herself. Nonetheless, I still like her.
As for Malcolm, I must agree with you C. Orlando on that one. With the lack of character development and knowledge about his character, whatever happens to him is irrelevant.
With Andrew and Bridget, I can see him eventually discovering the truth at the midseason cliffhanger. Once he does, I think all hell will break loose and we'll see the side that Siobhan has seen and was probably a reason to why she left.
Side Note: I wonder where Siobhan was in this episode? After last week with Tyler in France, her character has me interested in what she's really up to. Also, does she know that everyone back home doesn't know she is dead? The suspense!

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