Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Family Recipe"

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RIP, Piney.

In the wake of this original SAMCRO member's death, our sullen Sons of Anarchy Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando has gathered to eulogize the man and talk in-depth about "Family Recipe." Readers are encouraged to join them...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The final one. No, not Clay shooting Piney. The fine camerawork where the show closed in on Piney's cut and the bloody-soaked SAMCRO logo, and then the one we see at the conclusion of every episode was painted on the screen.

Dan: My favorite was definitely the stark contrast between the "almost vote" and the shootout. Everything was moving so slowly as the Redwood Originals prepared to either vote out Clay or break Bobby's heart, and then everything blew up in a shit storm of bullets, ruining it all.

Christine: When they found the heads in the bag. I didn't see that one coming. Loved Gemma's reaction. "They dumped a bag of heads!  We're living in God damned Juarez here." Then she finds one in the chili and barely flinches. You can throw anything at this woman and she'll handle it.

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Pen a eulogy for Piney.
Matt: Piney, you were mean and grumpy and likely had a drinking problem. But you were also one very honest man and you truly loved your son. May you rest forever in peace, breathing free and easy, with nothing but an endless bottle of Jim Beam and a cabin far away from any dead people that annoy you. 

Dan: They called him Crazy Old Piney... well, maybe that was just me, but he was a crazy old man nevertheless. It seems like it was just three weeks ago that I picked Opie's father in the Sons of Anarchy Death Pool. Oh wait! It was! Not Clay. Not Bobby. Not even Juice could defeat Piney as the first regular to go down this season. I'm going to miss that old man.  

Christine: Piney told his son he loved him, told Jax what he really thought about him and his father, and then looked his killer in the eye when he died. Piney didn't let up and he didn't back down. He will be missed.

Is Tara making the right decision to peace out to Portland?
Matt: Yes, although I question whether or not a hospital there actually wants her. I love Jax's Old Lady and all, but she must be the most irresponsible surgeon ever!

Dan: Absolutely! Get out while you can. I don't care what Clay says while he hands out 150 grand like it's candy, Charming is going to shit. Tara, take the kids, take all the money you can, and leave these fools with nothing.

Christine: I don't think Portland is far enough. Run and don't look back. A sleepy prospect asleep at the kitchen table isn't much protection.  f it had been an armed killer at her door and not the sheriff, she and the kids would be dead. Unfortunately, Clay may just track her down in Portland.

Who will die next?
Matt: Unser. Will is it be the actual cancer? Or the SAMCRO cancer known as Clay? I can't say. But I can predict that this loyal SOA foot soldier wrote his own death sentence when he tried to protect Tara.

Dan: Now the correct answer is Clay Morrow. With his murder of Piney, the current Pres has gone full blown heel. I'm loving his villainous turn, but there only be so long that can last.

Christine: Heck if I know! I just take a deep breath and hold on for the ride.

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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I think Chibs finding Juice, and in not so many words letting him know he's there for him. I love Chibs, from Season one till now he is my favourite Sons Member :) Pen a eulogy for Piney.
A First Nine Member, A Son To The End. A Father, A Solider, A Biker. May he be remembered for all that he tired to do and not all that he did. Is Tara making the right decision to peace out to Portland?
God no, I mean staying in a place that has bags of heads delivered is safe as bro... She made the best decision of all seasons, that's why Jax didn't stop her. Lets just hope whoever is coming her way is ready for the Wrath of Tara! Who will die next?
I want to say Clay and mean it but, I just doubt Sutter will kill off a character who can offer so much. As soon as he kills Clay the storylines are going to be hard to fill, so as much as I want him to die, die, die (Sorry got a bit carried away) I think ultimately we'll have another season of Clay drama. I think the question to ask is if he reminds President which I think no, Jax will step up to that plate before the Season ends. On who dies, I'm going with Unser, as much as I love him and everything he's doing for Tara and Gemma he is an obvious choice.


Ok, my husband and I love the show, and have been stunned by the events of this season. But, I am hoping against hope that Clay does not end up being the villain here. We sympathize with his wish to provide a decent retirement for himself and Jemma, and believed him when he agreed to let Jax walk away. I mean, what is all this about John Teller being such a great guy? I really want to see the family, Clay, Jemma, Jax & Tara find some kind of redemption. Realistic, maybe not? Just my vision for my favorite characters.


I said exactly the same thing about Tara! With her reputation, why exactly is it that this hospital wants her?


Clay's killing of Piney was unexpected, especially given how blatant an execution it was. If Clay is so focused on self-preservation, why kill Piney when Clay's the most obvious suspect? Leaving the blood evidence pinning it on another group is paper-thin at best. Piney may have been every bit the murdering madman that any of SAMCRO has been, but he was the wisest of the bunch, and his counsel will be missed.


This story is based on Hamlet, I'm pretty sure. So Clay, or King Claudius, will have killed Hamlet (Jax)'s father, and married his mother. Hamlet's girlfried is driven insane and kills herself. There is general mischief and everyone dies. It is a great story, and this interpretation is terrific. I'm sorry it has to end, and if DirecTV cuts it off, I'll really be upset!


I can't believe the path Clay has taken this season. I always knew he could be brutal but to deliberately take out Piney and the woman Jax loves? There's nothing he won't do to save himself.


They are all a bunch of psychos, except perhaps for Piney (though he was psycho to put up with all the criminal acts for decades).


I agree that Oregon isn't far enough. The Sons still have a charter there.


RIP Piney! Your day is coming fast Clay. Hope Chibs can keep Juice in line cuz the way Juice is going, he's not long for their world! AND I just want to say that DirecTV sucks & if I lose FX and SOA on Nov 1st, I'm calling the club and having them taken care of by a few Redwood Originals!


clay is pissing me off i cant beleave what he has done but jacks he fine as hell and jucie what are u trying to do your not a good guy ur a bad guy but i still love ur show and well b watching tue like always!!!!!!!

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