The Good Wife Review: Red Cups Runneth Over

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The Good Wife can sometimes try to be too hip for its own good. Such was the case on "Affairs of State."

I have no idea if stoplight parties, a site like After Death Space or rape apps exist (I'm guessing some form of them do) but trying to shove them all into one episode made the show come across like Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls. You know, the mother who thinks she can still hang with her teenage kids.

Parker Posey on The Good Wife

Granted, I've often praised The Good Wife for being one of the few programs whose characters talk like actual people, often by referencing current events, but there's a fine line. I draw it when those references take place in the course of conversation - e.g. Eli throwing "Rahm" into a point about running for office in Chicago - as opposed to building an entire case around the technological advancement du jour.

Or an entire storyline out of an attempt to shock. Seriously, Eli's ex-wife slept with a Bin Laden?!? Again, I see what the series is trying to do here (as it was trying to do with Will as MLB Commissioner, or Peter giving the DNC speech); it's simply trying to drop these characters into the real world, where the Presidential election is certainly a hot topic and where, well, Osama Bin Laden has second cousins.

But it's distracting. I enjoyed this look into Eli's past, and I've always been a fan of Parker Posey, but I laughed out loud when Vanessa's fling was named. I doubt that was the emotion the show was aiming for in this attempt to shed light on Eli's romantic history.

On a sidenote, one we'll likely tackle in this week's The Good Wife Round Table: should Kalinda have told Eli the truth? Absolutely. It's her job and it's true to her character as a straight-shooting professional.

Finally, two more complaints about an episode that didn't do very much for me:

  1. Setting up Caitlin to crush on Will just seems below The Good Wife. The young office blonde has a thing for her boss? It's not original and there are only a few ways for this to end: they hook up (ridiculous), Caitlin stalks him somehow (ridiculous), Caitlin outs Will and Alicia to the firm (my guess).
  2. Too much time was spent this week on characters we didn't know very well. Caitlin. Dana. Matan. I didn't feel invested in most of the hour's developments.

So, yes, a bad grade for The Good Wife for a change. It had its moments - Will awkwardly meeting Zach and Alicia not wanting Will to meet her kids, out of fear or a lack of love, it's unclear - and I'm proud of Cary both for his promotion and his bedding of his beautiful co-worker, but I'll be happy to never attend a spotlight party again.


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@Luc..agree completely. It was the best episode so far. It was terrific. Cary is an outstanding character and a plesure to watch. Realy like Dana and seeing Matan jealous of Cary. This review is the worst I've ever read for TGW. It should be applauded that they are developing the other characters instead of the usual "Saint Alicia" somehow wins weekly story. The review missed everyting about the episode. This is surprising since this site normally is on target. You missed badly this week. This was the best episode yet and thoroughly enjoyable. Bad, very bad review.


I really liked some points of the episode. The scene with Zach and Will, for example. For me, Alicia don't wanna they to meet for obvious reasons: she is married with the District Attorney, if even it's a bad marriage. Let's not forget that Zach and Grace are like Alicia, very 'wright or wrong'. The case this week was not my focus. Why? Because the writers didn't make it to be. I prefer thinking of the Will-Alicia or in the Eli-Vanessa story line. The promotion of Cary was deserved, but the whole story with Dana seemed out of nowhere. HOWEVER, in three seasons this is the first bad episode I see. Not entirely bad, but bad for the series. It happens.


Isn't this the type of episode a show does in Season 7 when the original main cast on made cameos and third rate faceless young actors fill in key scenes? The Worst episode, ever of the Good Wife! The only saving grace was guest star Parker Posey, and can we say that Joe Morton was absolutely wasted in he's few minutes of talk about nothing in the kitchen. I have never seen the show Lie To Me, so I have zero knowledge about Monica Raymund. Sorry, but she didn't leave much of an impression on me. The car scenes with Cary was cringe worthy. Rarely does the Good Wife fail, but this was a C episode. Too much Cary and sour-puss Maton Brody.


How many times have you seen even a third generation Chinese American guy with a white woman on a date, let alone a foreign Chinese being a murder suspect in the death of a white woman? Either the writers are trying to get a false new stereotype of a murderer going regarding a male of another non-white group (this time an Asian) or they are deluded or on drugs. In the entire history of the US, there has been no diplomatic incident involving Asian diplomats other than suspected spying...which means no shoplifting, no armed robbery or attempted rape, let alone murder of a white American female! Hence this episode was devoid of reality and therefore I agree with Lilli that this is the worst episode so far!


I love the tensed look Alicia get, when Zach stop on his way out from Alicia´s office after telling about Will stopping by. She is probably afraid of Zach asking if Alicia is dating Will :-)


The worst episode.


IMO that was the best episode so far.

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